Your Teen’s Future Starts Here

Want to help your child find a fulfilling path to college or a career? K12’s flexible, personalized learning options empower students of all learning styles and backgrounds to achieve their best.

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Learning You Can Count On

Give your teen the tools to succeed in high school and beyond. K12’s easy-to-use online platform, state-certified teachers, and top-tier curriculum help students learn the knowledge and skills necessary for rewarding futures.

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Dynamic Classes

Live, virtual classes offer high schoolers a mix of self-guided assignments, hands-on activities, and peer interaction. Students use our accessible online platform to take charge of their learning.

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Certified Teachers

Our passionate, state-certified educators are specialists in their academic subjects—personalizing lessons to engage minds and fill any learning gaps. Plus, they are trained in virtual instruction.

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A+ Curriculum

K12 offers a wide range of academic courses and electives so students can choose classes aligned with their interests and goals so they get the knowledge they need and topics they want.

Motivating, Meaningful, Made for Your Child

Beyond relevant and illuminating coursework, high schoolers deserve a safe, encouraging space to learn. K12’s flexible structure and supportive community help students build confidence as they chart paths toward college, career, and life after graduation.

Tailored Approach and Compelling Classes

High schoolers choose from many interactive courses from core subjects to exciting electives—and take advantage of career prep programs that give them hands-on industry experience.

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Where Teaching Drives Impact

Teachers at K12-powered schools are trained in online education and personalization techniques that help them lead dynamic classrooms where every student matters.

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Backed by Science, Built for Success

High schoolers choose from many online courses—including honors, Advanced Placement® (AP), credit recovery, and electives—and learn how academics apply to real life.

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A Community of Classmates

School with a screen doesn’t mean solo learning. High schoolers interact in class discussions and group work, socialize during extracurriculars and events like field trips and prom, and form friendships that extend beyond the classroom.

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Meet Your All-Star Learning Team

As a parent, you play an active role in supporting your teen while K12 provides resources and guidance through a vibrant online community.

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The Learning Coach’s Role

Learning Coaches—usually parents or trusted relatives—help keep students on track, spending about 1–3 hours per day with high schoolers. Learning Coaches get support from a network of teachers, other coaches, and online resources.

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The Teacher’s Role

Students learn from state-certified educators who provide personalized learning plans, conduct live virtual classes, and hold office hours to offer additional help. Ongoing professional development ensures teachers are using the newest, data-centered instructional methods.

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The Student’s Role

High schoolers attend live online classes, work independently and in groups, and participate in extracurriculars and activities like career prep for an engaging educational experience. Learners can track their assignments and progress easily in the online portal.

A Day in the Life of an Online High School Student

Curious how K12’s unique educational approach plays out every day? See how a flexible and supportive online learning environment helps these students succeed.       

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9th Grade


Arianna’s school schedule lets her work at her own pace while taking entrepreneurship courses to help run her bakery business.

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10th Grade


Stephen’s flexible private school schedule allows room for competitive swimming while rigorous courses prepare him for college.  


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11th Grade


Tre can minimize disruption from military family moves and confidently prepare for college and career from anywhere.

Career and College Prep

Along with core academics and electives like art and physical fitness, K12 lets learners explore potential careers up close with courses about high-demand industries. Teens who want a jump start on their futures can also enroll in dual credit and dual enrollment courses  and earn college credits in high school.

K12 Graduation Guarantee

A high school diploma is essential to your teen’s future. At K12, we know what it takes to guarantee graduation and have structured our high school curriculum to prioritize success.

We provide consistent learning support and counseling, excellent teachers, and personalized graduation plans—and are so confident in our proven online learning approach that we guarantee eligible students will earn a diploma.

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Kick-Start College or Career

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