Learn Without Limits

While disruptions in learning sometimes happen, data shows that K12 students stay on track — and continue to thrive in an online setting.

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Leave Difficulties in the Dust

Virtual learning means virtually limitless possibilities. With K12-powered school, students can bridge knowledge gaps and take their education to the next level — working at their own pace with a personalized curriculum that suits their learning style.

Move Toward a Bright Future

If you’re switching schools, we’ll help your family shift from in-person to online education without falling behind. Then, engaging curricula, state-certified teachers, and ongoing community support guide students long-term success.

Eight Ways K12 Prevents Learning Disruptions

Learning disruptions negatively impact more than one million students nationwide. Meanwhile, K12 students achieve educational excellence and record pass and graduation rates. With K12, you’ll benefit from:

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1. Dynamic curricula

We offer a wide range of immersive courses to meet students’ unique interests and needs.

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2. Supportive teachers

State-certified teachers guide student success every step of the way, providing real-time support to help your child thrive.

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3. Strong connections

Students build friendships and find a sense of belonging through K12’s many clubs and extracurricular activities.

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4. Less stress

Students don’t have to worry about unexpected changes with K12 — we consistently deliver an empowering, engaging, high-quality educational experience.

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5. Safe learning environment

In an uncertain world, you want to keep your child safe. K12 provides a secure learning environment that ensures their well-being — giving parents welcome peace of mind.

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6. Parent involvement

Parents play a big part in the K12 experience — staying in touch with teachers, so their child has the best learning experience possible.

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7. Fewer learning gaps

Free from the distractions of traditional school, students can focus better — closing learning gaps, pursuing individual passions, and growing as they go.

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8. Future-focused education

Whether your child wants to be an artist, astronomer, or anything in between, we’ll help pave their path to a promising future.

K12 Innovation Overcomes Interruption

While most students fell behind in math and reading during the COVID-19 pandemic, NWEA’s MAP Growth Study reveals that K12 students soared high.

Where Math and Reading Scores Skyrocket

When it comes to standardized testing, K12 students outperform national averages in all grades — by as high as 27% in math and 12% in reading.

K12 Students


National Averages


Why Parents Love K12

Parents choose K12 for our personalized curricula, flexible scheduling, state-certified teachers, engaging coursework, and active support team.



More than 80% of parents are satisfied with K12-powered schools and curricula.



of K12’s K-8 parents were satisfied with their teachers, compared to 81% of traditional school parents.



of parents are likely to recommend K12 to others.

Parents find K12 more effective than other online school options.



of parents expressed overall satisfaction with K12 online schools, while 86% of parents were satisfied with their children’s traditional education.

Parents find K12 teachers more effective in online classroom instruction than other online school options.

Keep Confident During Change

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School closures

Unlike traditional school, online school is always open for business. By enrolling as a full-time online student, your child can avoid potential school shutdowns — and the resulting learning loss.

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COVID-19 concerns

With online school from home, you can reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Watch your child discover their passions, participate in lively class discussions, and make new friends — without worrying about their health.

Watch Your Child Thrive

K12 students love to learn, and it shows in our exceptional 97% attendance rate. Whether they’re exploring the solar system or writing sonnets, students stay engaged through interactive lessons that spark joy. 

To make your family’s online learning experience as smooth as possible, we offer:

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Seamless onboarding

Enroll in a K12-powered school, and it’s smooth sailing from there. We’ll make the onboarding process enjoyable and educational, so your family can feel comfortable and confident in the transition.

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Community support

It takes a village to raise a child. By resourcing K12’s active community of teachers, administrators, and Learning Coaches, you can find support every step of the way.

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Student engagement

A mix of live online classes, videos, quizzes, and hands-on activities keep students engaged and excited about learning.

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Proactive intervention

No two learners are the same — and no two teaching approaches should be, either. If your student is struggling with a particular subject, we’ll offer real-time support tailored to their unique learning style.


Student Success Stories

Kendra Berrier

“K12 online school is like having a superpower. It allows me much more personal flexibility. Even while working two part-time jobs, I can learn and improve my job performance through my K12 experience.”

Andrew Dotson 

“K12 gave me more time to spend with family, enjoy extracurricular activities, and enjoy hobbies in my free time.” 

Sela White

“Online school has given me a clearer head and a calmer attitude. Thanks to K12, I feel less anxious and distracted in my daily life — and more confident about my future.”

Aleena Polanco

“When I realized I wasn’t the only student who felt out of place in a traditional school setting, I felt heard. I finally felt like I belonged. There is truly no other community of students, staff, and parents that I would rather call my support system than those I’ve found through K12.”

Angel Canete

“K12’s flexible scheduling allows me to complete schoolwork according to my schedule and peak energy hours. It also gives me the chance to work ahead on my assignments.”


Prevent Learning Loss

Address learning loss head-on. Whether you want to transition your child from traditional public school or enrich their learning with additional courses, K12 is here to accelerate their learning journey.

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