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Online Eleven Grade Program

With a mix of live instruction from state-certified teachers, interactive online lessons, and self-guided study, empower your high schooler to learn in a comfortable place, at the right pace.

How Does Online Eleventh Grade Work?


Flexibility for a Grand Finish

By eleventh grade, your child’s anticipating the fast-approaching future. Whether it’s getting into a dream college or jumping into a high-demand field like IT or nursing, K12’s personalized programming supports juniors with next-level opportunities.

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After two years of basic English foundations, juniors and seniors have the option to take journalism, creative writing, public speaking, American/world literature, and AP Composition. 

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Once they’ve built a solid foundation and practical math skills, students dig into algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and trigonometry. Advanced students can take AP Calculus and AP Statistics.

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After earth science and bio, students take chemistry and physics. Advanced students may take AP Chemistry or AP Psychology, and pursue electives like astronomy or forensics.

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Eleventh graders gain a strong understanding of the world around them by studying U.S. history, world history, anthropology, and global economics. AP courses include history, geography, government and politics, and economics.

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World Languages

High school students progress through their language of choice, whether Spanish, French, Chinese, or American Sign Language, passing national certification exams to demonstrate proficiency.

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Juniors are encouraged to explore interests ranging from fine arts, music appreciation, and mythology, to law and order, life skills, and physical fitness. AP Art History courses can count for college credits.

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In addition to choosing courses of interest, eleventh grade students socialize in 50+ local and national clubs, as well as extracurriculars like sports, organizations, competitions, and events.

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Career & College Prep

All juniors take a course that helps identify aptitudes, skills, and preferences, while sharing job market and career path data. Students learn how to apply for college, secure financial aid, write resumes, and ace interviews.

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Career Readiness

Project-based learning, internships, and advanced training options help students explore exciting fields like agriscience, culinary arts, hotel management, cloud computing, veterinary science, and engineering.


Meet K12 Online Elementary Students

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11th Grade


Mia wants to be a surgeon, and she’s  preparing for a healthcare career with support from inspiring and relatable teachers.

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11th Grade


JessieAnn uses the extra time online school allows to take additional healthcare courses and participate in more clubs and activities.  

graduation guarantee

On Track and On Time

K12’s Graduation Guarantee paves the path to a promising future. We’ll help your child reach that celebratory cap and gown moment —  covering tuition costs and offering credit remediation as needed.


Limitless Learning Opportunities

Eleventh grade marks a key milestone as students explore career interests and map out the future. Help your high schooler prepare with K12 tutoring, accelerated options, career training, internships, and extracurriculars.

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Credit Recovery

Each student works with a College and Career Coach to ensure on-time graduation. With flexible night and summer classes, teacher support, and the ability to skip mastered material, your child can catch up — and sprint ahead.

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Dual Enrollment

Stay one step ahead and help your teen enter college with confidence — and credits to boot. Dual enrollment allows students to earn college credits in select courses while still in high school.

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Tutoring and Support

With one year to go, you want to ensure your child’s ready to graduate in time. Sail through challenges with 1:1 tutoring with certified teachers, and special ed services.

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Advanced Learner Programs

Accelerated learning, AP, and honors programs are available for students with an interest in virtually any subject. K12’s advanced high schoolers participate in national contests, take on extra assignments, and work ahead in their online courses.

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