Our Commitment to School Safety: Protecting Students and Giving You Peace of Mind

From the moment they get to the bus stop in the morning until they’re home after practice and every moment in between, you and your child deserve peace of mind. With K12, you can feel comfortable knowing your child is safe and supported from the moment you entrust us with their education.

We believe every student deserves a safe space to learn and grow. Students like sisters Jacqueline, Isabella, and Francesca—survivors of a shooting in Las Vegas, who shared their story of bullying after the tragedy.

That’s why, at K12-powered schools, we’re committed to ensuring that every student feels at ease and respected all day, every day—no matter who they are or where they come from.

What is school safety?

School safety refers to academic environments and related activities through which students can learn, grow, and interact with their peers while staying safe from violence, bullying, harassment, and the influence of substance use.

Higher levels of school safety are linked to improved student outcomes, with emotional and physical safety directly associated with academic performance. Simply put—when students feel safe, they perform better. Like Kendall, a student at a K12-powered school in Virginia, who shared her story of being bullied at her former brick-and-mortar school and how she found respite from these struggles. Ensure your student’s safety and success with an online education option at home.1

Podcast Episodes

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What can we do to ensure all children feel safe at school?

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How can we support students’ emotional and mental wellness?

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How can we keep kids safe online?

Our Commitment to Bullying Prevention

Nearly one in five students report being bullied in school1, an experience that can profoundly impact their well-being and long-term goals. Bullying can take many forms, including physical altercations, spreading rumors, or online cruelty.

Knowing the signs and preventing bullying are crucial to creating an environment where students feel safe to learn and grow. K12 is committed to preventing bullying, and we have a zero-tolerance policy. Teachers at K12-powered schools are trained to recognize signs of bullying and take immediate action.

Meet Leo as he talks about the difference a K12-powered education made in his life.

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K12 Partners with

K12 is proud to partner with PACER, sharing specialized toolkits and resources with students and school districts to outline critical ways to recognize and respond to bullying. Find the resources you need to feel safe and supported in your school, community, and online. If you or someone you know is struggling with bullying, there is help.

“No student should ever be worried about going to school or logging into class because they’re afraid of being abused or mistreated.”

— James Rhyu,
K12 Chief Executive Officer

Student Mental Health Matters

A student’s mental health can affect their academic performance, and their educational environment can impact their mental health. It’s closely intertwined, meaning supporting students from all angles is important to creating a safe space for productive and effective learning.

For some students and their families, transitioning to online learning can be a great option for dealing with mental health challenges.

How can we process tragedy as parents while helping our children cope? Our chief learning officer, Niyoka McCoy, shares her thoughts in Newsweek.

K12 Strives to Make All Students Feel Safe

For students to learn effectively, they must feel safe enough to open their minds, try new things, and push themselves past their comfort zones. K12-powered schools offer safe learning environments so every student can reach their full potential.


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