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Students looking to earn a high school diploma online can do so with a K12-powered school. Our innovative online diploma program suits high school students looking to transfer from a conventional brick-and-mortar school to a more flexible online platform to finish their high school education.

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There are a number of reasons why a student may be looking at online diploma programs. K12 offers a great solution with our accredited online diploma program whatever your reasons for exploring online diploma schools, including:

  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Physical or mental health concerns
  • A more customized learning environment
  • Catching up on lost credits
  • Greater challenge in courses
  • More unique electives, career prep opportunities, and other courses

K12 Accredited High School Diploma Online

Families have different requirements when choosing a learning environment for their student. Finding a quality educational experience is crucial. As a Cognia-accredited organization, K12 meets the highest standards of educational management, guaranteeing that the online diploma programs at our schools are equivalent to those at brick-and-mortar schools.

When you work toward your diploma online with K12-powered schools, you have access to:

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Personalized Learning Environment

A customizable learning environment tailored to each unique student.

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State-Certified Teachers

Online high school teachers who provide live, online instruction to ensure a successful path to a high school diploma online.

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Engaging, Interactive Curriculum

An online learning system (OLS) that engages students using both online and offline activities.

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Career Readiness

A curriculum that covers core subjects and gives access to additional courses including career preparation.

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A Supportive School Community

Various resources help support and empower our students throughout their online diploma program.

Online High School Curriculum

Virtual high school curriculum is designed to help students find what interests them and follow that path through to post-graduation success in college or the workforce. Graduates earn a high school diploma online with the benefit of a personalized learning experience in their own environment.

K12-powered online high schools offer core, credit recovery, honors, and Advanced Placement® online courses.* In addition to required courses, students can choose from a wide variety of electives including Stride Career Prep courses at select schools.

Stride Career Prep for High Schoolers

As your student pursues their online high school diploma, they can also prepare for college, a career, or both. Stride Career Prep courses combine traditional academics with a career-focused, college-ready education. As your student earns their high school diploma, they’ll also be gaining real-world skills and exploring their interests to better define what their goals are after graduation.

Online School for Credit Recovery

Help your student get back on track and earn their high school diploma online with the help of K12’s online credit recovery courses. These courses, designed for students who need to take a certain subject again, are delivered with a new approach to more effectively teach unlearned concepts. Courses are offered year-round to fit unique schedules.

Diploma vs. GED: Which is Better?

Is a GED the same as a diploma? The simple answer is no. On the surface, a General Education Development (GED) program may sound like a good option for those looking at the benefits of possibly leaving conventional high school for a faster, more convenient route to graduation. GEDs, however, do not provide students with the same curriculum or opportunities after completion, nor do they provide students with a high school diploma.

A GED used to be considered the only alternative to a traditional high school diploma. It was a good option for students who left high school early, needed fast credit recovery, were entering the workforce, or wanted to pursue their education later in life.

K12-powered online schools offer students the flexibility they need to finish high school online while also pursuing other passions, interests, and commitments. Additionally, K12 guarantees that eligible students enrolled in our full-time public schools will graduate from high school.

How to Get a Diploma Online

Ready to take advantage of the benefits of an online diploma from a K12-powered school? Online public schools powered by K12 are available in many U.S. states. Requirements vary by state, so click below to browse our online diploma schools and find a school near you.

*Courses vary by school. Please check with your school.