Extracurricular Activities for Online Learners

Discover how online students stay connected and social while playing, creating, sharing, and celebrating their passions.

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Fill Your Schedule With Fun

Discover fun activities and collaborative learning experiences with K12 extracurricular events.

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Innovation Challenge

The Nature Conservancy hosts the National Innovation Challenge Competition, where high schoolers present creative solutions to our planet’s most pressing environmental issues.

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Spelling Bee

K12’s Annual National Spelling Bee is an epic competition where students in grades 3-12 demonstrate their language arts skills in a fun environment.

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Esports League

Ready, set, play! Through the K12 Esports League, students compete nationwide, build teamwork and communication skills, and explore the world of virtual sports.

Explore More: K12’s Extracurricular Playground

Discover a wide array of national and school-based activities.

Extracurricular activities

Art, nursing, entrepreneurship, theater, chess — with K12 extracurriculars, students pursue their passions and form new friendships while having tons of fun.

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National activities

From exhilarating competitions to collaborative projects, K12’s national activities provide diverse opportunities for learners nationwide to connect and explore enriching programs.

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Celebrate milestones with special events like prom, graduation, performances, and more.

School-based activities

School-based activities like district bands, sports, and other social clubs create a platform for students to come together and develop skills outside of the virtual classroom.

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Field trips

Education comes alive with K12 field trips where students explore and engage in hands-on experiences beyond the classroom.

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Subjects like technology, world languages, art, and more amplify the learning experience and promote exploration.

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a day in the life


She is active in her school’s SkillsUSA chapter, plays acoustic guitar in Rock and Roll Academy.


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Five Ways to Socialize Outside the Classroom

From fundraisers to online competitions, explore fresh ways for students to socialize outside the classroom.

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School Isn’t the Only Setting to Kickstart Socialization

Discover how Learning Coaches help students strengthen their social skills every day.

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Three Ways Online Clubs Benefit Kids

Virtual clubs help guide kids toward confidence, emotional intelligence, and academic success. From STEM to the arts, K12 offers over 50 clubs that ignite creativity and enhance learning.


The social side of online learning is just as important as the academic side. Socialization helps students build interpersonal and collaborative skills while developing a strong sense of community.

K12 makes it easy for students to socialize with exciting online and in-person clubs, events, and field trips.

Socialization is just as important for Learning Coaches as it is for students. That’s why we have resources like the Learning Coach community where fellow Learning Coaches can find community and get support. 

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