Why Families Choose K12

Families count on K12 for a quality online education that’s safe, flexible, and personalized. Play the video to see why.

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Online Education, IRL Success

The right school can help your child embrace independence, develop unique interests, and learn in a safe, structured environment. That’s what K12’s personalized, online education programs are all about.

Our online education model consistently delivers above-average results in math and reading across all grade levels in NWEA standardized testing.


Increase in Math Benchmark Pass Rates


Increase in Reading


Attendance Rate


Parent Approval Rate

How K12 Online Learning Works

What helps students at K12-powered schools succeed? Personalized learning and guidance from dedicated teachers, plus support from their at-home Learning Coach, make for a winning approach. Public and private school options and flexible schedules make room for the electives, activities, appointments, and family time that will help your child succeed.

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Flexibility That’s Just Right

At K12 flexibility rules. Students of all learning styles, needs, and schedules have the support they need to shine. Medical appointment? Military relocation? Educational therapies? Extra time to learn effectively? Whatever your needs, we have lots of options for families like yours.

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Safe, Focused Learning

At K12, your child’s mental and physical well-being is a priority. Through the online portal, you can stay on top of your child’s classes and peer interactions. Plus, online learning gives students the ability to take classes in a safe setting—with fewer distractions.

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Extracurricular involvement

Even though learning takes place online, students develop their social skills through meaningful clubs, activities, and events all year round. Learn more about social activities with K12.

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Quality and Transparency

With K12, quality and transparency come first. A robust curriculum and structured online platform create a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. We make it easy for you to stay connected so you can see what your child is learning and how they’re progressing.

  • Tuition-Free Enrollment

    K12 powers tuition-free, online public schools in most states. We also have tuition-based private options.

  • State-Certified Teachers

    Specially trained in online instruction methods, teachers at K12-powered schools are state-certified and uphold the highest standards of education.

  • Project-Based Learning

    Students actively engage in hands-on projects that foster critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and a deep understanding of the subject matter.

  • Collaborative Group Work

    Through group collaboration, students explore subjects while also honing essential communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

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A Holistic Learning Experience

From mailed educational materials and devices to a convenient platform for virtual classes, skills labs, and interactive activities, we cater to diverse learning styles and help ensure success every step of the way.

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Grades K–5 tour

Discover what K12-powered online school is like for elementary school students and their Learning Coaches.

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Grades 6–12 tour

See how middle and high school students at K12-powered schools learn in the ways that are best for them.

Hear from Teachers and Parents

Discover what teachers and parents have to say about the K12 experience in the videos below.

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English Teacher


“We have so many more resources at our disposal, and so much more opportunity to develop student relationships.”

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Math Teacher


“I try to link math to everyday life.”

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PE Teacher


“I have created my programs to adjust to students’ home environment.”

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Instructional Coach


“I believe that online teaching is really the frontier of education.”   

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English Teacher

Amy Morrison

“I’ve just always wanted to teach. It’s really the only thing I ever saw myself doing.”

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“He has a lot of challenges and this school lets him fly. He is doing amazing.”

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“She’s learning faster, better and … she just gets to be more of herself.”

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“The curriculum is great …iIt’s not just textbook stuff. It’s stuff you deal with every day in the real world, people you meet.”

Hear from Students

Learn how students go above and beyond with personalized learning paths from K12 in these 5 Questions videos.


“I found out about things that I could do that I didn’t know I could do.”

Gabriela reaches new heights and uncovers exciting areas of expertise with K12. In her free time, she likes to draw, paint, sing, and read.

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“I get to learn at my own pace and focus better. I don’t have any other distractions.”

A flexible schedule offers Red more time to work on his passion for animation. He’s eager to start his own animation business and appreciates the wide array of entrepreneur and business classes that K12 has to offer.

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“I have a lot more free time, so it’s easier for me to do my experiments.”

Joshua likes that K12 is less restricted than traditional school. He has more time to focus on subjects that matter to him like environmental science, and likes that he has more time to spend with his family. 

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  • Gabriela
  • Red
  • Joshua

With K12, It’s Easy to Get Started

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Starting Online Learning Strong

Sign up, discover a flexible schedule, and start online learning strong with these tips.

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Game Plan for Success

Discover the steps to K12 success: help your child discover new interests, meet lifelong friends, and embrace effective learning methods.

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Tips for Everyday Success

A positive learning experience is everything. Get key tips to set your child up for success.

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Ready to find a school?

K12 provides tuition-free, online education that empowers students to learn in a way that works for them. Browse schools and programs in your area to find the perfect fit for your family.

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Have further questions?

Get answers to frequently asked questions and discover what makes K12 unique.