Midyear School Transfers Made Simple

Seeking a different learning or need to make a fast change to support your child’s wellbeing? K12-powered online schools transform virtual learning into virtually limitless possibilities.

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It’s easy to change schools midyear with K12!

School might usually start in September, but your child’s learning needs can change at any time. K12 makes it easy to transfer during the middle of the school year. It’s always the right time to find your stride.

Join our squad in four easy steps:

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  • Step One

    Submit your application.

    Once you join the Parent Portal, you’re just a few clicks away from submitting your application.

  • Step Two

    Submit required documentation.

    Supporting documents may include a birth certificate, transcript, or medical records.

  • Step Three

    Get approved.

    Keep your child in school as you wait for approval, which could take up to two weeks.

  • Step Four

    Begin your ascent.

    Most families spend a couple weeks acclimating to the new schedule. We support your climb.


Level up from exception to exceptional

Every student and family story is unique  — and every parent has a choice. 

  • Online schools provide a positive learning environment — free from the bullies and distractions that have become all too common in traditional schools. 
  • The flexible scheduling works for busy entrepreneurs, families that relocate for military deployment or work, and families with medical needs. 
  • The interactive, self-paced curriculum, personalized attention, and support services re-engages students who are slipping behind.
  • AP courses, Career and College Prep, gifted and talented programs, and extracurricular activities hit the mark for high achievers in pursuit of extraordinary opportunities.


“It was the best choice I ever made.”

You’re at a crossroads. Countless opportunities await your child at K12 — but how can you be sure this is the right next step? You’re not alone. With K12, other parents like you found empowering education, close-knit community, and the freedom to do what’s best for their family. Here’s what they have to say…


94% of parents are satisfied with K12 teachers vs. 81% satisfied with traditional teachers.


More than 80% of parents are satisfied with their K12-powered school’s curriculum.


2x as many parents find K12 courses more effective than other online school materials.


3x as many parents find K12 more competent in online education than traditional school.

Real Students, Real Stories: Why They Switched

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4th Grade


Zoe meets big milestones in reading, writing, and math with speech and occupational support for her autism and ADHD.

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5th Grade


Cash got access to advanced courses, as well as dyslexia and dysgraphia therapies when he switched from homeschool to online school.


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9th Grade


Arianna’s school schedule lets her work at her own pace while taking entrepreneurship courses to help run her bakery business.


Six Steps for Smooth Sailing

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Spend time reading through the K12 site. Knowing as much as you can will empower your success. Reach out to the Learning Coach community to get a lay of the land.

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Check the enrollment calendar to align your schedule with the start of a new quarter. Ask your teachers when a new topic will begin to jump into the flow easily. Or coordinate special education services to catch up before the next session starts. School staff can help.

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Plan for the transfer by organizing your paperwork. Before you enroll, it helps to have certain documents on hand — a birth certificate and school transcripts, for instance.

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Involve your child in the decision. Encourage them to ask questions, and explore the answers together. K12 education is a family journey.

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Support your child with empathy and patience. Encourage them to make the most of this fresh start by taking it one day at a time and adding in extracurriculars and social activities when ready.

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Lean on the teachers, Learning Coach community, and school administrators. Ask questions. More than likely, we have a resource to make your days easier.

How do I get started?

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I’m ready to find a school.

Accredited K12-powered online schools are available in many U.S. states. Select your state for a list of local options.

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I’m ready to enroll.

If you’re ready to enroll, simply create a Parent Portal account or log in to your existing account to get started.