K12-Powered Online Private School

Want more flexibility in your child’s schedule and an award-winning curriculum to transform their learning? Empower your student to achieve on their terms with K12-powered online private school.

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How Our Online Private School Curriculum Works

K12-powered private schools address diverse needs across grade levels — and students can learn from anywhere there’s an internet connection. 

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Elementary School: Kindle Curiosity and Joy

Inquisitive young minds jump at chances to imagine and discover with interactive lessons and hands-on activities.

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Middle School: Encourage Exploration

In middle school, students can embrace new challenges, explore interests, and form positive relationships in a fun, safe, and structured environment.

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High School: Get Ready for the Future

High schoolers receive support to get back on track or zip ahead — and can access top-notch career and college prep. 


A Path for Every Learner

Every student deserves the opportunity to grow and explore new interests. K12’s flexible learning options are built to instill a love for learning, empower each student to succeed, and prepare them for the future.

  • Advanced Learner Programs
  • STEM Courses
  • Individual Courses
  • Clubs and Extracurriculars
  • Tutoring
  • Summer School Courses

Why choose K12?

Help your child reach their full potential with a K12-powered education.

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Flexible Schedule and Pace

Students have diverse learning styles, strengths, and needs. Find the school schedule that works best for your child.

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Fewer Distractions

Live virtual classes, structured assignments, and built-in time for brain breaks provide students with a focused environment that promotes learning.

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Parent Involvement

Get a front-row seat to what and how your child is learning. As a Learning Coach, you’re a key part of their daily success.


Find the Right Fit

Choose a K12-powered school that aligns with your child’s learning needs and inspires them to take charge of their education, build confidence and community, and thrive.

K12 Private Academy

Specialized Learning

Enrollment is open year-round at K12 Private Academy, where students across the world benefit from:

  • Lower student-teacher ratios
  • Personalized, one-on-one instruction
  • Direct intervention at the first sign of learning gaps

Grades 8–12

The George Washington University Online High School

Highly motivated students will find an extraordinary college prep experience at this school, which offers:

  • Small classes and personalized attention
  • Advanced K12 curriculum, capstone projects, and AP® courses
  • Individualized guidance from advisors and learning opportunities beyond the classroom

Grades K–12

Grand Canyon Private Academy

Students across the U.S. and globe benefit from K12’s engaging curriculum and personalized learning that includes:

  • Career exploration courses and a dual enrollment program
  • Community service and engagement opportunities
  • An Early World Language Program that gives students the chance to become trilingual

Grades K–12

The Keystone School

Learners around the world choose The Keystone School for its high-quality, well-rounded education, which features:

  • An interactive, personalized K12 curriculum
  • A robust support team of teachers, academic coaches, counselors, and advisors
  • Courses for learners with different needs, including credit recovery and Advanced Placement (AP®)

Grades K–12

Marian University Preparatory School

This nationwide school provides an online Catholic education that prepares students to excel academically and spiritually through:

  • Relevant academics delivered via innovative technology
  • Comprehensive social and emotional learning programs
  • Project- and work-based learning opportunities

Grades K–12

GEO Focus Academy of Indiana

At GEO Focus Academy, Indiana residents experience K12’s dynamic curriculum and can access special college prep like:

  • Early College Unlimited Program with dual enrollment
  • College courses on college campuses and the opportunity to earn college credits

Grades K–11

Coast to Mountains Preparatory Academy

North Carolina students benefit from a flexible and personalized online education that offers:

  • An interactive, engaging K12 curriculum
  • Small group instruction and one-on-one support from certified teachers
  • Field trips, social events, and clubs, as well as optional in-person activities

Online Private School Tuition & Costs

Fee Structures That Work for Your Family

K12-powered online public schools each have their own fee structure. With our variety of private school options, you can find a structure that works for your family.

How to Make Private School Free

Every child deserves a quality education. Families can use vouchers, scholarships, and other tuition assistance programs to help find the best school for their student.

Hear From Our Students


Stephen loves competitive swimming. His flexible schedule allows room for morning practices and Friday travel meets, while independence-building assignments prepare him for college.

How do I get started?

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I’m ready to find a school.

Students across the country and globe can access K12-powered online private schools.

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I need more information.

It’s easy to reach out, chat, schedule a tour, and find out how K12 can work for you.

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