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Discover how to give your child the best schooling in the world that prepares them for future success and protects them from the pitfalls of modern educational institutions.

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Questions to Ask a Mentor: Advice from Top Leaders in Nursing

Hear from leaders in nursing on personal career journeys, professional pathways, essential skills, and top questions to ask a mentor.

Featured Podcast


Is homeschooling the right fit for your child?

In this episode, Onnikah Randolph joins Kevin to discuss homeschooling and how parents can feel empowered to find the right option for their children.

Featured K12 on Learning Podcast


What is the role of the parent in online learning?

In this episode, we explore the role of the parent in online schools. Learning Coach Corrie Munson discusses why she chose an online school for her children and the responsibilities that came with it.

Featured Perspectives Article


K12 Private Academy Students and Teachers Explore STEM Careers on Field Trip to Florida Space Coast

In June, 2023, K12 Private Academy students, several parents, and teachers met for an education-packed, fun-filled, four-day trip to the Florida Space Coast.

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National Survey Shows Career Readiness Skills and Job Success Rates Higher at K12 Online Schools

A national survey among graduates across the nation shows students who graduate from K12-powered online schools feel better prepared when it comes to career readiness skills and are exhibiting greater job success than their traditional school peers.

Featured Success Story


Indiana Gateway Digital Academy (INGDA) Hosted its FIRST Graduation Ceremony Ever

INGDA hosted its first graduation ceremony ever this year! Some of the highlights are included in the video.