Online Elementary School

An exciting alternative to traditional public elementary school is just a click away. Learn how K12’s intuitive platform, innovative curriculum, and supportive community make it easy to switch.

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 How Online Elementary School Works  

Join the journey as a Learning Coach, enjoying access to educators, support materials, and progress dashboards.

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Next-Level Learning

Students learn through a mix of scheduled live classes and self-paced independent study. Start your child on a personalized learning path that can include a flexible schedule, support therapies, and advanced placement courses. 

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Certified Teachers

Want your student to feel inspired and engaged at school? Compassionate teachers make a big difference. All K12 instructors are supportive, state-certified, and trained in the most innovative online teaching methods. 

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Engaging Courses

Elementary students learn best through hands-on exploration and play. K12 incorporates fun games, clubs, activities, and offline assignments to spark interest and curiosity, all while reinforcing key concepts.

The K12 Elementary School Experience

Some kids need extra support to keep pace, while others thrive with flexibility and advanced-level assignments. With access to local and nationwide resources, your child will receive an excellent personalized education from an early age.

Activities That Spark Wonder

Every student deserves an education that’s engaging, fun, and paced just right. Young learners build skills through games, become stronger readers with interactive books, and recharge with new friends from special interest clubs.

Courses That Inspire Learning

Treat your child to a variety of learning methods — live instruction, independent reading, lively group discussion, multimedia, and experience. Open doors with a solid foundation in STEM, along with opportunities to pursue art, music, world languages, and choice electives.

Award-Winning Education

K12 has been recognized with awards and accolades for meeting the highest standards of quality curriculum, educational management, and interactive technology.

  • Cognia-accredited corporation
  • Award-winning, research-backed, state-approved curriculum
  • Experienced, trained, state-certified online educators
  • Above-average math and reading scores and parent satisfaction rates

Social Connection

Students participate in group activities, field trips, and social mixers that make school fun. With 50+ local and national online clubs, the possibilities are endless — and far beyond what typical public schools provide.

Did You Know?

K12 online elementary schools are available tuition-free in most states.

Like any other public elementary program, K12-powered online schools are funded just like traditional public schools, ensuring that high-quality education is accessible to all students.

Meet Your All-Star Learning Team

As a parent, you play an active role by partnering with teachers to guide student success. Meanwhile, K12 provides resources, advice, and access to a supportive online parent community.

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The Learning Coach’s Role

Elementary students benefit from 4–6 hours of undivided attention from a parent, relative, or guardian Learning Coach. With school-provided resources and an active online community, it’s easy to step into this invaluable role.

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The Teacher’s Role

Students learn from state-certified educators trained in the latest online teaching methods. Dedicated instructors provide individual learning plans, monitor progress, conduct live virtual classes, and hold office hours to provide additional assistance.

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The Student’s Role

Elementary students participate in live online classes, work independently, and complete offline assignments for a well-rounded educational experience. Learners may spend anywhere from 30-40% (grades K-2) to 50-60% (grades 3-5) of their time online.

A Day in the Life of an Online Elementary Student

Set your own schedule and get a tailored learning experience as unique as your student. Discover K12 through the eyes of students and parents.

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2nd Grade


Peter works ahead at school with attention from certified teachers and the flexibility to finish lessons at his own fast pace.


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1st Grade


Micah can focus on live classes with family support and a flexible schedule that can include nature hikes or the trampoline park.


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Demonty stays on track at school with a personalized approach to learning and great teachers who work with his mom.


Recommended Resources

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Find the Right Online Learning Option

Every child has a unique set of needs. Online school allows for greater support and customization. Discover the right fit for your student.

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Start Online Learning Strong

Online success starts on day one. Get tips on how to start online learning strong. 

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Set a Game Plan for Success

As a Learning Coach, you’ll play an active role in your child’s education. Know what to expect, how to structure your days, and where to gain support when you need it.

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How Do I Get Started?

Let’s explore how K12 can help your child learn.