Discover the Online Learning Difference

See what sets online education apart from traditional in-person public school, and pinpoint the best learning path for your child’s unique needs.

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How Do Online and Traditional Public Schools Compare?

K12-powered online public school and traditional public school share:

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Tuition-free enrollment:

Students of all ages access a strong education, free from tuition costs.

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Courses taught by state-certified teachers:

Students learn live from state-certified educators, many of whom have advanced degrees and decades of experience.

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Collaborative group work and project-based learning:

Students gain practical skills through interactive, collaborative learning environments that focus on real-world applications.

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Social opportunities and extracurricular activities:

Students have multiple opportunities to connect with their peers and build meaningful social relationships through extracurriculars.

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Online clubs and in-person events:

Students are able to nurture their passions, explore new interests, and socialize at online and in-person events.

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A traditional school year calendar:

Students experience the same calendar year from September through June, with breaks for holidays.

What Sets Online Learning Apart?

Online students learn in virtual classrooms — guided by teachers who are experts in online education. Free from rigid schedules and distracting environments, each child progresses at their own pace — in the comfort of their own place.

Self-Scheduled Days

Here’s what a fifth grader’s day may look like: sign on, discuss The Phantom Tollbooth in English class, chat with peers about chess, take a break with friends, then plan next week’s schedule with a Learning Coach.

Consistent Curriculum & Support

Customize your child’s education to suit your schedule and empower them to explore their unique interests. Online learning with K12 provides a strong curriculum and consistent academic guidance aligned with their unique learning style.

What Other Unique Opportunities Does Online School Offer?

Traditional public schools may not support flexible schedules or a range of course options.  At K12 students and families can build a schedule and courseload that works for them. This also means:

Personalized Learning Experiences

No two kids are the same, so why should they learn the same way? K12’s personalized learning programs are built to adapt to every student’s unique needs, talents, and passions.

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Greater Parent Engagement

Parents double as Learning Coaches, supporting their student’s online learning journey and helping them manage course work, extracurriculars, and social opportunities.

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Career-focused Courses

Students have the freedom to explore their personal passions and consider their career path early on with K12’s career and college prep program.

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Variety of Electives

In addition to their core courses high school students can explore different electives and pursue their own unique interests.

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How Involved Are K12 Parents?

K12 parents play an integral part in their child’s education and success, serving as Learning Coaches to:

  • Provide ongoing academic support
  • Keep students on track
  • Communicate with teachers

While time commitments may vary from one to six hours a day, K12 provides all Learning Coaches with dedicated support, helpful resources, and an active online community to ensure their success.


What is the Online School Experience Like?

Students experience live virtual instruction plus engaging offline extracurricular and social activities. At K12, students complete their coursework at their own pace, with programs built to meet their unique needs and goals.


Is K12 Online School Right for My Family?

Take our self-assessment to determine if K12-powered online school is right for your family.

How Do I Get Started?

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Accredited K12-powered schools are available in most U.S. states. Select your state for a list of options in your area. 

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I’m ready to enroll.

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