Meet Stephen

Stephen is a college-bound competitive athlete who needs a more flexible class schedule to train without compromising academic performance.

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Why This Family Chose K12

As a competitive athlete, Stephen needed a flexible schooling option that would accommodate his swimming schedule while still preparing him for his future. Kimberly, Stephen’s mom, wanted her son to receive a quality private school education that fit in with her varied work schedule.

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Compete at a high level

Stephen was invited to join a more advanced swimming group — but saying yes would mean leaving school thirty minutes early one day each week. He needed more scheduling flexibility to pursue his passion.

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Receive support and flexibility

Stephen and Kimberly wanted a school that would support his swimming commitments and understand his unique needs and interests.

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Prepare for a bright future

Stephen needed a quality education that would get him ready for college and provide the necessary foundation of skills, knowledge, and socialization.

In Their Own Words

Discover how Stephen’s search for athletic flexibility led to academic acceleration. Stephen’s mom and Learning Coach Kimberly shares how she supports her son through online education.

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Why do you like online school?

“Stephen likes online school because he can go at his own pace through the course material and assignments. The teachers don’t have to wait for the whole class to be on the same page.”

“I like online school because I see that Stephen is more secure in who he is now. I can see his enthusiasm, motivatio…

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How was the transition to online school?

“We applied to the K12-powered online private school, and within four days of attending the first info session, we knew it was the right decision.”

“I could tell right away that the school understood my concerns and need for flexibility. Once we got settled in the school, I quickly realized there were…

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How does Stephen keep up with friends doing online school?

“Our K12-powered private school has a great student (and parent) community.”

“Stephen has made some friends at school who I don’t think he would have met at his old school — honestly, I think that has made him a better student and person. With the global school community, he gets to meet people from a…

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How do your teachers support you?

“As a former teacher at a traditional, in-person school, I was blown away by how good the K12-powered teachers were at reaching students and keeping them engaged and listening on screen.”

“The way they build in questioning strategies and collaborative discussion is fantastic. They’re also super respon…

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Do you have any advice for families considering online private school?

“Remember that there’s support for parents, too.” 

“Our K12-powered online private school has a parent platform where we can help each other and ask questions, a monthly parent video call, and a school-run Facebook group for discussions and photo sharing. It’s like having that social connection you ge…

A Day in the Life of Stephen

Now, Stephen can swim every morning and spend afternoons achieving his academic goals. He is encouraged to work at his own pace, take electives that include career-based learning, and earn college credit.


Learn in a variety of ways: Online and offline

Stephen’s schoolwork includes a combination of live, scheduled classes and self-guided offline assignments and activities. These can be completed around his intense swimming schedule at his own pace. By managing his schedule, Stephen is learning important time management, boundary-setting, and organization skills he’ll need in college.

Fun Outside the Classroom

Stephen’s time away from the computer includes second breakfasts after early morning swim practices, gaming sessions with friends, and quality time with family.


Attend events with friends and meet new people

Stephen has plenty of opportunities to socialize with peers at in-person events, including performing arts shows, movie nights, and culturally diverse holiday parties. The online learning system is also designed to encourage collaboration between students.


Kickstart an international gaming club

Students at K12-powered schools can choose from a variety of extracurriculars and clubs — or create new opportunities that match their interests. Stephen co-founded his school’s gaming club, which now has over 80 members from around the world.


Adventure far beyond the classroom

When Stephen traveled to Philadelphia, his history teacher helped him connect in-person experiences to classroom concepts. Stephen was even able to apply knowledge gained from museums and historical sites in an end-of-semester essay.

A Day in the Life of Learning Coach Kimberly

Developing an online learning solution that works for your district takes the right skills and platform. Fortunately, we can help you with both.


Encourage Your Child’s Learning Around Your Schedule

Like most high schoolers, Stephen can be independent for a large portion of the school day. Kimberly spends about one to three hours guiding and encouraging him each day as his Learning Coach. Thanks to the scheduling flexibility, she can provide support around her busy property management schedule.


Get Support from Your Educational Copilots 

Kimberly is supported by an engaging and accessible team of state-certified educators. They bring course content to life for Stephen, even in subjects that hadn’t previously piqued his interest. In addition to asking questions during live classes, Stephen can reach out by email or during weekly office hours.


Get Excited for School and Sports

Stephen usually starts his day with a self-directed precalculus lesson. Later, he attends live classes for his thesis project, honors English, and science, all led by state-certified teachers. Sometimes his science teacher assigns a lab activity that Stephen can complete later in the day or week.


Get Excited for School and Sports

Stephen usually starts his day with a self-directed precalculus lesson. Later, he attends live classes for his thesis project, honors English, and science, all led by state-certified teachers. Sometimes his science teacher assigns a lab activity that Stephen can complete later in the day or week.


Explore fascinating topics and personal interests.

Tenth-grade students like Stephen typically take between three and six subjects each semester. Two to three subjects typically have scheduled, live classes, while the others involve self-guided assignments and skills labs in the K12 interactive online learning system. Students like Stephen can also explore a variety of electives, including career-based and advanced options.


Pursue college credit, mentoring, and more, Oh My!

Stephen’s K12-powered online private school offers an elite college preparatory experience and rigorous curriculum to help him get ready for his future. He can dive deep into the subjects he enjoys and even pursue dual enrollment options to earn college credits. Plus, college counselors provide one-to-one mentoring to help him find his post-graduation path.

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