Supporting Military Families with Quality Education

K12 offers exceptional educational programs designed to meet the needs of 1,200+ military families.

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Flexible Learning Options When Duty Calls

K12 schools use similar platforms and curriculum, making transfers easier. Backed by a community of teachers, therapists, administrators, and Learning Coaches, your family can count on constant support and guidance. 

With three different options, you can discover the best fit for your family.

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Online Public Schools

Tuition-free online public schools available in most states provide a safe learning environment with personalized instruction, state-certified teachers, a robust curriculum, and fun extracurricular opportunities.

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Online Private Schools

Our tuition-based online private schools offer military families a discount, so your student can receive a high-quality, tailored education. All private academies offer advanced coursework.

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Individual Courses

Military families can also explore courses to supplement their child’s education or provide additional academic opportunities.

“Some of my closest friends are other military kids from the learning co-op.”


Meet Mari

Experience a day with Mari, a military kid who loves science. K12 provides all the supplies she needs — including a laptop and microscope. Find out how she maintains her grades and makes friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that each family’s situation is unique. If you’re moving to a state without a K12-powered online public school, consider our private school options to find the best fit for your family. Military families receive discount pricing.

We have several international options that offer the consistency and flexibility your family requires. Discover more about our international offerings.

Simply fill out an application for the school you wish to transfer to, and our team will contact you to complete the transfer. Find out what K12-powered schools are available in your new state to initiate the transfer.

Additional Resources

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Online Schooling Proves Successful for Military Children

The average child in a military family moves 6–9 times throughout their academic journey. Read several stories of military kids thriving in an online learning environment.

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Help Military Kids Overcome Challenges

Discover effective strategies to ensure the educational and emotional well-being of military students.

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Why Online Education?

New time zones? Wonky internet connection? Late enrolling due to a move? With a personalized pace and flexible schedule, find out why online education is the ideal choice for the unique lifestyle of military families.

How Do I Get Started?

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I’m ready to find a school.

Accredited K12-powered online schools are available in many U.S. states. Select your state for a list of local options.

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I’m ready to enroll.

If you’re ready to enroll, simply create a Parent Portal account or log in to your existing account to get started.