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With freshman year under their belt, tenth graders step into their own. Sophomores take challenging online courses with state-certified teachers — and explore future-focused career interests.

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How does online Tenth Grade work? 

Tenth Grade Curriculum

Tenth graders at K12-powered schools take courses that align with future career interests, in addition to their core curriculum and elective courses.

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Tenth graders learn to think critically and hone their communication skills — both written and verbal — as they read, analyze, and respond to notable literature across genres and cultures.

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Studying past events prepares us for the future. Sophomores learn how justice systems evolve, how new ideologies are born, and how social systems affect life in societies.

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Building on the foundational skills learned in middle school and freshman year, tenth graders delve into more complex mathematical concepts and learn how to apply math in real-world scenarios. 

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Tenth graders deepen their understanding of the world around them through courses in chemistry, environmental science, forensics, and more — exploring and experimenting as they go.

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World Languages

World language courses allow students to immerse themselves in new cultures. From Spanish to American Sign Language, tenth graders expand their horizons and develop their communication skills.

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Career Prep

From agriculture to marketing to sports medicine, career prep courses allow students to explore professional interests, receive project-based training, land internships, and start developing the skills needed to enter a particular field.

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Electives in a range of subjects — from art to journalism to finance — allow tenth graders to blaze their own paths, develop new interests, and let their creativity flourish.

A Day in the Life


Switching from homeschool gave Cash the dyslexia and dysgraphia support he needs to succeed. Now, Cash spends his days pursuing challenging honors courses, taking enriching electives, and honing his archery skills outside the classroom.

graduation guarantee

Reach the Finish Line

K12 guarantees graduation for eligible full-time students enrolled in a K12-powered public school. If a student doesn’t attain the necessary credits in time, we cover tuition at a K12-powered private school.

Limitless Learning Opportunities

Give your student a school experience custom made for them. K12-powered online schools offer a variety of personalized programs designed to help students reach their full potential.

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Career and college prep

Set them up for future success. At K12-powered schools, students take courses aligned with their career interests, learn how to navigate the college application process, and receive guidance from career counselors.

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Dual Enrollment

Stay one step ahead and help your teen enter college with confidence — and credits to boot. Dual enrollment allows students to earn college credits in select courses while still in high school.

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Credit recovery

Empower your student to get back on track. Designed for students who didn’t pass a course the first time, credit recovery courses help students master previous material and earn credit.

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Whether your student needs a little extra support or is looking to get ahead, 1-on-1 live tutoring can help. Our tutors are certified teachers who lead personalized sessions designed to help students reach their goals.

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Advanced learner program

Is your student up for a challenge? Honors and Advanced Placement courses are designed to keep up with your student — allowing them to delve deeper and advance further in the subjects they love.

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