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Exciting Education!

Add excitement to your education with the help of our learning companion, Strider the Fox! With resources for both enjoyment and learning, Strider can help you find the right activity to stay organized, take a brain break, or get in the study zone.

Explore Strider’s activities below and keep the learning (and play!) going.

Strider’s Study With Me YouTube Playlists

Get in the zone with Strider’s Study with Me lo-fi playlists full of chill, instrumental music to help you focus. Pick from Strider’s different seasonal themes to find the right musical mood to motivate your study session. Listen now!

Youtube Video

Study With Strider the Fox—Spooky Playlist

Youtube Video

Study With Strider the Fox—Nighttime Playlist

Youtube Video

Study With Strider the Fox—Winter Break Playlist

Color With Strider

Need a brain break? Take your mind off the school day and start coloring! Download and print to add your creative spark to these Strider-themed pages.

Stay Organized With Strider’s Planners

Strider wants to help you organize your school day. Use the monthly calendar or daily planner to keep track of your day-to-day tasks and never miss an assignment or event.

Customize Your Library With Strider

Add some fun accessories to your book collection with a bookmark downloadable you can color and a book badge you can print on sticker paper to proudly display inside the front cover of your favorite reads!

LWL Bookmark

Mark the occasion—and your page!—with this Strider bookmark downloadable! Print, color, and use or give them to your favorite readers!

LWL Book Badge

Customize your library with these Strider Book Badges! Just print on sticker paper, fill in your name, and proudly place it inside your favorite book covers.

Take a Selfie With Strider

Have some filter fun and take a selfie with Strider the Fox! Create your own selfie on Instagram or Facebook by scanning the QR codes below. Don’t forget to share with us using #k12learn and #LearnWithStrider!

Strider Background

Whether you want to join Strider in space or a wintry wonderland, our learning companion is always ready to strike a pose.

Welcome to the Strider Activity Hub image 8 (name Selfie Filter 1 2 copy)

Strider Background

Welcome to the Strider Activity Hub image 10 (name strider background 1)

My Strider

Let Strider join your study session via augmented reality and watch the fox liven up your workspace.

Welcome to the Strider Activity Hub image 11 (name Selfie Filter 2 2 copy)

My Strider

Welcome to the Strider Activity Hub image 13 (name my strider 1)

Find the Resources to Fit Your Learning

Strider and K12 are here to support all types of learning. Below you’ll find additional resources and tools to accommodate your needs, from academic support to career advice and guidance to help you succeed.

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