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Support for Homeschool Families

Choosing to homeschool your child is a big decision. K12 can help. Since 2000, K12 has been a leader in supporting parents with their homeschool programs and providing alternatives to homeschool, helping families find an approach that meets their children’s unique educational needs.




Individual Courses


Enrichment Programs


Full-Time Online Homeschool

Online Homeschool Curriculum

Supplement your existing homeschool program, with challenging, engaging, and highly interactive curricula offerings from the Keystone School plus individual, live online instruction led by state-certified educators.


Kindergartners learn and grow at all different paces. Carefully designed coursework helps students form a strong academic foundation and master core learning.


Elementary school is the right time to develop a love of learning. Live online instruction and self-guided study encourages fun and exploration with room for creative play and family time.

Middle School

Middle schoolers thrive with the ability to explore: trying sports, learning an instrument, and hitting their learning stride. Students can explore their unique interests with a wide selection of core classes and electives.

High School

Mastering hobbies, honing study skills, and looking ahead: homeschool high school course offerings inspire students and prepare them for a world beyond your four walls.

Why Partner With K12?

Homeschool is the right choice for more than 4.3 million students nationwide. K12 has you covered — with materials, support, and flexible coursework to fit your family’s lifestyle.

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Learning Your Way

No two kids are exactly alike — and every student deserves to learn in a way that suits their unique needs and interests. Diverse learners, advanced learners, career- and college-minded students, and students with special interests can embrace learning their way.

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Robust Learning Options

Boost your homeschool program with curricula and individual courses that play to your child’s strengths, provide you with a powerful game plan, and include course materials delivered right to your home. Teacher-led options available.

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Support for Homeschool’s Many Styles

Flexibility is freedom. Online students can learn at home or on the road — part-time, full-time, or class by class. Our online learning options fit into your family’s lifestyle, wherever learning happens.

What Homeschool Families Say



“I get to learn better and focus better. I don’t have any other distractions.”



“He has a lot of challenges and this school lets him fly.”


Chart Your Own Path with K12-Powered Online School

Switching from a traditional classroom to learning from home can be a big adjustment. Choosing a K12-powered online school can make all the difference.

Flexible Schedule

Like traditional homeschooling, K12-powered schools promote flexibility so students can learn at their own pace. You choose the location, schedule, and courses and K12 provides a personalized, robust, and engaging learning experience.

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Learning Built for Your Student

Every child has unique needs and interests. Some need extra support. Some thrive with advanced classes or want to explore subjects like music, arts, or athletics. K12 is built for all learners.

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Parents Are Learning Coaches

At K12, parents are Learning Coaches, working closely with state-certified online educators and support teams who truly care about your child. 

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Time For Fun and Making Friends

Students at K12-powered schools have the opportunity to spend time with classmates both virtually and in-person* through field trips, school-based clubs, and other extracurricular activities.

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Cover All the Bases

Maintain the benefits of homeschool — learning anywhere, flexibility, and personal involvement — with the support of a K12-powered public or private online school for a homeschool alternative that’s just right.

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Public School

Put the power of an online school community to work for your family. K12-powered online public schools are tuition-free, meet state requirements, and serve K12 students with instruction from state-certified teachers.

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Private School

Looking for advanced courses, religious education, multicultural studies, or unique differentiators? Fee-based K12 online private schools cater to special interests like faith-based education. Enroll at any time, from any country.

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Summer School

Prevent summer slide with enriching classes and next-level experiences. Choose the courses that interest your child to make this summer the best one yet.

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Arrange extra study sessions outside the classroom and see your child’s trickiest subject suddenly click. Choose the level of support your learner needs to make the grade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether your child requires special needs therapies or simply performs better in a home learning environment, K12-powered schools provide a supportive homeschool environment.

Children work toward grade-level goals at their own pace. If your child needs more time, we can slow down the course. If your child wants to skip ahead, we have additional work at the ready. AP courses for college credit encourage high school students to excel. 

K12-powered online public schools are funded with taxpayer dollars. K12-powered online private school fees vary but generally range from $4,995 to $6,995 per year. 

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