Where Teachers Change Lives

K12 teachers do more than deliver lessons. They build meaningful relationships with students and families, bring academic concepts to life, and help diverse learners change their futures.

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On the Forefront of Education

K12 teachers are awesome. Fully accredited and trained in virtual learning, they shape innovative curriculum that meets the needs of every student.

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Experienced and Accredited

All K12 teachers are state-certified. Many have advanced degrees plus years of experience teaching in both online and traditional schools.

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Trained to Teach Online

Specially trained in online instruction, K12 teachers use innovative technologies to teach an interactive and engaging curriculum rooted in the science of how kids learn.

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Lifelong Learners

Teachers participate in ongoing, student-centered professional development that enhances their skills—and keeps them current on groundbreaking instructional methods.

In Their Own Words

K12 teachers share what it’s like to teach online and how they engage, inspire, and connect with their students.

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Committed teachers make academics exciting, accessible, and relevant to children’s lives.

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Steady encouragement and fun lessons motivate learners to prioritize wellness in their home environments.

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More freedom and flexibility in teachers’ schedules drive more quality student–teacher interactions.

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Teachers meet students where they are. Individualized, focused support turns learning lapses into opportunities for growth.

A Peek Inside the Virtual Classroom

Tune in as K12 teachers discuss how they structure their day, connect with fellow teachers, and inspire students and their families through personalized learning.

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Join Our Teaching Team

We’re always looking for passionate, dedicated teachers who understand the importance of making personalized learning accessible to all.

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