School for All Students

Designed to spark curiosity that lasts a lifetime, K12-powered schools have inspired over two million students of all learning styles and backgrounds to reach their full potential.

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Put the Future into Focus

Traditional school doesn’t work for every student. With online education students learn at their own pace in a safe and focused environment.

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Let them learn their way.

Choice is built into the K12 curriculum. From a range of courses in core subjects to numerous extracurriculars and career-focused options, students pick a learning path that works for them.

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Get support at every stage.

K12-powered schools meet students where they are, partnering with them and their parents to design purposeful educational solutions that fit their learning, family, and lifestyle needs.

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Find joy in quality education.

Learning shouldn’t feel like a chore. K12-powered online school encourages student engagement through live classes, hands-on activities, extracurriculars, and social meetups.

Where Choice Meets Opportunity

Every learner is unique. Some require extra time to absorb the material, while others need permission to zoom ahead. However your child learns, K12 is here to support them.

Activate Your Student’s Potential

Meeting students where they are is part of K12’s mission. 

Backed by two decades of scientific research, the award-winning K12 curriculum is interactive, engaging, and designed to accommodate multiple learning styles. 

K12 principals and state-certified teachers support students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), meeting regularly with parents and families to discuss goals and progress

For students who need help getting back on track, K12 offers credit recovery courses and summer school programs.

Build Critical Thinking Skills With STEM

Learners fascinated with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) will find myriad opportunities to develop their STEM knowledge and skills in online school

K12 science and math courses feature dynamic labs and activities that integrate the STEM disciplines and teach learners teamwork, creativity, and problem solving. 

Beyond the classroom, students participate in STEM clubs like robotics, coding, and LEGO® club, where they can have fun with like-minded peers, like 8th grader Josh, a STEM-focused student.

Step up to Accelerated Learning

The K12-powered curriculum rises to meet the skills of advanced students, ensuring they have the chance to progress at an accelerated pace.

Many K12 online elementary and middle schools offer Advanced Learner Programs (ALPs) that keep students engaged and working to their full potential.

High school students can opt to take Advanced Placement® (AP®) and honors courses to dive deeper into academic subjects and prepare for college and future careers.

Outside the classroom, students passionate about particular subjects can participate in rewarding competitions like K12’s national spelling bee, innovation challenge, art competition, and cooking contest.

Open Doors to Opportunities

From college-exam prep to career-focused electives, learners can choose courses that align with their interests and help them gain hands-on career skills.

K12’s career exploration courses start as early as sixth grade, giving students the chance to learn about industries ranging from healthcare and business to visual arts and technology. 

For high schoolers, K12 provides extensive resources and advice for college applications, career prep, job interviews, and achieving goals.

Want a sneak peek into your child’s future? Explore potential career paths…

Put Flexibility First

Like students with diverse learning needs, families have different lifestyles, work situations, and educational priorities that traditional school can’t always accommodate.

Whether you’re looking to supplement homeschool curriculum, or seek consistent, high-quality education no matter where your military family moves next, K12 can help you find a program that works for your family.

Learners Share Their Journeys

Students with diverse learning styles, needs, and interests share their personal experiences with K12-powered online school.

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11th Grade


Jordin’s school schedule includes AP English, honors history, a dentistry internship, and summer courses at the local college.

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9th Grade


Arianna’s school schedule lets her work at her own pace while taking entrepreneurship courses to help run her bakery business.

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6th Grade


Connor learns best when he can take breaks, move around, and use his fidgets to focus while finishing assignments at his own pace. 


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