Your Child’s Future Depends on Strong Reading Skills

See your child unlock the magic of reading! At K12-powered schools, proven methods, fun activities, and passionate teachers make every learning moment a triumph! And we even offer a reading guarantee.*

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Reading is the most important skill for your child to learn. Here’s why:

Reading is the foundation for learning. After 3rd grade, students are expected to utilize their reading skills to comprehend other subjects such as math, science, and social studies. If they struggle with reading, they’ll likely fall behind in other subjects too.

Research indicates that students not reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade are more likely to drop out of high school. On the other hand, being able to read at an early age boosts a child’s confidence and self-esteem—and fosters a lifelong love for learning!

Riley’s Reading Success Story

Assessments, data, and teacher support all played a role in helping Riley build confidence as a reader—and improve his reading skills by an entire grade level in just nine weeks! Hear what he and his mom have to share.

Celebrate National Reading Month with K12!

We’re sharing the love of reading throughout the month of March and hope you’ll join in the fun!

LWL Bookmark

Mark the occasion—and your page!—with this Strider bookmark downloadable! Print, color, and use or give them to your favorite readers!

LWL Book Badge

Customize your library with these Strider Book Badges! Just print on sticker paper, fill in your name, and proudly place inside your favorite book covers.

LWL Book Drive

Share a good story with other readers by joining K12’s Book Drive! Donate gently used books to your favorite library, school, or resale organization.

Guaranteed Results

Being able to read on grade level by the end of 3rd grade is critical for a child’s educational success and future development. That’s why K12 guarantees that students who continuously attend a K12-powered school for grades 1–3 will read on grade level by the end of 3rd grade. If not, we will provide extra support for those learners until they read on level, at no cost to you.*

Learn more about the reading guarantee and eligibility requirements.

How does K12 teach reading?

K12-powered schools make learning to read exciting! By balancing engaging online lessons, live instruction, an expansive online library, and supplemental tools, K12-powered teachers will help your child become a confident and enthusiastic reader!

During the early elementary years, K12’s curriculum focuses on:

  • Phonics instruction which teaches the relationship between sounds and letters, which helps students decode words and fosters early reading skills.
  • Sight words recognition which introduces frequently used words that don’t necessarily follow phonetic rules and helps improve reading fluency.
  • Vocabulary building that exposes students to a rich vocabulary through diverse texts and materials and enhances their comprehension and language skills.
  • Comprehension strategies that guide students to understand, interpret, and analyze texts to foster critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the material.
  • Reading aloud and shared reading that promotes language development, phonemic awareness, and overall reading skills.
  • Reading workshops and independent reading which allow students to explore texts independently and in group settings, encouraging a love for reading and a deeper engagement with various literary genres.

We build performance assessments into our curriculum to help our teachers understand what your child excels in and where they can grow. These regular evaluations help determine if your child is hitting reading milestones and guide any tweaks needed to keep them on the right track!

Our digital library has thousands of fiction and nonfiction titles that students can read on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. The ever-growing collection includes many titles with end-of-book quizzes to help students develop critical thinking skills.

Students at K12-powered schools have access to a variety of supplemental resources to help with reading, including:

  • Minecraft Education, with immersive library worlds based on the U.S. Library of Congress. Students interact with videos, story characters and complete standards-aligned build challenges that keep them engaged and excited to learn.
  • Educational software for reading remediation that personalizes instruction and mastery-based activities to make learning to read an exciting adventure for every student.
  • Stride Skills Arcade, an award-winning learning solution that customizes practice sessions to each child’s needs and rewards learning with games.

K12-powered teachers are trained to teach in the online classroom. Our teachers receive frequent professional development training, build best practices for effective and data-driven instruction, and weave these methods together with their unique teaching styles and activities for each student.

And K12-powered teachers have unlimited access to the Stride Professional Development Center, a growing library of on-demand professional development courses, including content focused on reading instruction, the Science of Reading, and establishing a Reading Teacher Philosophy. Teachers everywhere can take advantage of these courses and more at

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