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Families count on K12-powered schools to provide a quality education that’s safe, flexible, and personalized for students’ needs. Get started by finding a K12-powered elementary school that’s right for your child.

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How Online Elementary School Works

Elementary students learn best through hands-on exploration and play. K12-powered elementary schools offer:

  • A curriculum led by instructors who are supportive, state-certified, and trained in the most innovative online teaching methods
  • A mix of scheduled live classes, as well as self-paced independent study
  • A learning path that is personalized and flexible to your student’s needs

Hear From Our Students

Set your own schedule and get a tailored learning experience as unique as your student. Discover K12 through the eyes of students and parents.

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2nd Grade


Peter works ahead at school with attention from certified teachers and the flexibility to finish lessons at his own fast pace.


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1st Grade


Micah can focus on live classes with family support and a flexible schedule that can include nature hikes or the trampoline park.


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Demonty stays on track at school with a personalized approach to learning and great teachers who work with his mom.


High-Quality, Personalized Education

With over 20 years of online education experience, K12’s virtual learning platform combines an engaging curriculum, skilled educators, and a user-friendly portal that supports students’ unique academic needs to help them reach their full potential.

Our commitment to the highest standards of education is reflected in our Cognia accreditation, recognition from a variety of respected accreditation and awards bodies, and our dedicated state-certified teachers who are specially trained in online instruction.



Students have chosen K12 education since 2000.



States offer tuition-free K12 programs.



Of families say instructors motivated students to do their best.

K12-Powered Online Public Elementary Schools

Online public schools offer unique advantages to students and families, including flexible schedules, fewer distractions, and a diverse range of course offerings. Like traditional public school, online public school is completely free. Unlike with traditional schooling, however, students can attend classes from the comfort of their own home — and choose a schedule that suits their lifestyle.

K12-Powered Online Private Elementary Schools

Online private schools can address diverse needs across grade levels, including special interests, advanced learning programs, and particular schedules — all while offering a range of advantages such as fewer distractions, a wide range of course offerings, and more parental involvement. A K12-powered online private school that aligns with your child’s learning needs can inspire them to take charge of their education, build confidence and community, and thrive.

How to Enroll in a K12-Powered Elementary School

A whole new learning experience is just around the corner. Get started in three easy steps.

  • 1. Create Your Account

    Begin by creating your account so you may access your online application, get real-time alerts, and quick links to important info.

  • 2. Choose Your School

    You have options! Explore K12-powered schools by using the Find a School tool above.

  • 3. Complete Your Application

    Depending on the school of your choice, you may have certain required documents to upload or questions to answer. We’re here to guide you each step of the way.

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K12-Powered Online Elementary School FAQs

The K12 curriculum is for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. There are schools powered by K12 across the country. Schools in your area may have slightly different enrollment requirements.

For K12-powered public school enrollment, you’ll need to meet the residency and enrollment requirements for your particular state. Required enrollment documentation varies by state, so check with your area school for specific details.

Moreover, to enroll in either a K12-powered public or private school, you’ll need to have some basic computer equipment and a reliable internet connection. Some public schools are able to provide a school-owned computer for student use—check with your school directly to learn if a loaner computer can be provided.

Enrollment deadlines vary by school. Generally, deadlines fall between late August through October for the fall semester and late January through March for spring. Many schools also offer continuous or midyear enrollment. Contact your school’s enrollment office for specific dates.

As a Cognia-accredited corporation, K12 meets the highest standards of educational management. Additionally, individual K12-powered schools are accredited by a variety of respected accreditation bodies and meet all state requirements.

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