Diary of a K12 kid: Elementary School

The best education combines a well-rounded curriculum with welcome flexibility. See how families with elementary-aged children schedule their days and access resources that meet their needs. 

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Student and Family stories

Grades K-4 are the perfect years to discover how your child learns best. K12’s interactive lessons, self-paced study, and instructor-led live classes cater to multiple learning styles. While every story below is different, each family wants a personalized learning environment that fosters individual growth.

A secure start

From that first friendship to the end-of-the-year pizza party, elementary school should carve space for socialization and mental wellness. Learning Coaches sit in on classroom discussions and oversee after-school activities, so they can be sure their child receives uninterrupted learning in a protected environment. 

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1st Grade


Klara’s switched to online school during the pandemic for more consistency, and her family gained more control over their time.  


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2nd Grade


Peter works ahead at school with attention from certified teachers and the flexibility to finish lessons at his own fast pace.


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3rd Grade


Jaala thrives in a safe environment for her allergies while her military family gets to enjoy smooth transitions wherever they go.

An empowering environment

Each child develops at their own pace. Some need occupational therapy to sharpen fine motor skills, while others could use more time to memorize equations. Virtual school programs allow for extra focus breaks and provide advanced learning strategies to empower every student to power ahead. 

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3rd Grade


Keegan’s reading and writing improved thanks to online school support services like speech therapy.

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3rd Grade


Sarai’s a natural entertainer who can explore her leadership skills in a supportive online setting that encourages her to shine bright.

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3rd Grade


Gabbie can work through lessons at her own energetic, fast pace and spend more time on her advanced writing assignments. 

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4th Grade


Zoe meets big milestones in reading, writing, and math with speech and occupational support for her autism and ADHD.

Fun flexibility 

Ever felt like your child went to bed and woke up an inch taller? We’ve all been there — these formative years sure do fly by! As a Learning Coach, you’ll get a daily dose of quality time with your child, making memories while ensuring academic needs are met. Extracurriculars keep days exciting, fun, and inspiring.  

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Demonty stays on track at school with a personalized approach to learning and great teachers who work with his mom.


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1st Grade


Micah can focus on live classes with family support and a flexible schedule that can include nature hikes or the trampoline park.

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3rd Grade


Willa’s school schedule includes live reading and art classes, independent math studies, and the flexibility for dance and chess breaks.

From Playgrounds to Career Prep

K12 guides ongoing growth for elementary school students, encouraging an interest in learning, introducing important life skills, and instilling confidence. 

As students advance to middle school, they enjoy days filled with fun clubs and activities. High school layers in even more advanced learning opportunities and counseling to guide your child onward — to college or career.

A Day in the Life

Middle School

Middle schoolers study math, science, history, and language arts as self-motivation takes wing. With a wide variety of electives, clubs, sports, and activities, students enjoy rich social lives and explore budding interests.

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A Day in the Life

High School

High school milestones like competitions, prom, and graduation are all included in the K12 experience. From tutoring and special education to AP courses and internships, a world of possibility greets every teen.

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