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Online Second Grade program

Second graders dig into creative learning activities — online and off — and explore subjects at their own pace. Custom research-backed curriculum nurtures, challenges, and inspires every student.

How Does Online Second Grade Work?


Building blocks for lifelong learning

From day one, learners build academic confidence through engaging live classes, hands-on practice, and self-paced assignments. Brain breaks give students time to refocus, while K12’s exciting electives and clubs let kids be kids.

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English Language Arts

Students learn essential ELA skills like grammar and spelling by reading rich, diverse texts and writing their own work. Read-aloud videos, independent reading, and close-reading activities help them grasp phonics, vocabulary, and context clues.

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Second graders apply math knowledge to real-world scenarios through independent work, games, and offline activities. Using technology, students practice a variety of mathematical concepts: time, money, story problems, data displays, and patterns.

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Science comes alive in K12 courses through virtual labs, hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and captivating ebooks. Second graders explore fascinating topics like matter and its interactions, geology, plants, and animals.

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History & Social Sciences

At K12, the past is an exciting world to discover. Students use credible sources to explore cultures, investigate their communities, practice using maps, and learn the basics of government, and citizenship.

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Second graders learn Spanish language basics through fun activities like stories, games, and songs. Authentic myths and legends highlight different cultures as students explore words and phrases in conversation.

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This course encourages students to blossom creatively as they draw inspiration from iconic global artwork, paying attention to how experts use lines, shapes, colors, textures, and more — and practicing those techniques for themselves.

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Kids sing and boogie in this Spotlight on Music course, building skills by playing virtual instruments, singing, dancing, and more. Musical elements like pitch and tone provide a solid foundation to guide students’ musical performances.

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Health & P.E.

Physical, mental, and emotional wellness are the foundation of this course, where students engage in fun fitness activities and learn how to prevent common diseases, manage emotions, nurture friendships, and build healthy daily habits.

a day in the life

A day in the life of an online Second Grader

Bright and fun-loving Peter advances beyond grade level with attention from devoted certified teachers and a motivating curriculum. Field trips and club activities enrich his experience.

Your student’s team

Your child’s success is a community effort.

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The Student

Each young learner explores a developmentally appropriate mix of online and hands-on learning activities.

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The Parent

You or another responsible adult act as your child’s Learning Coach. Learning Coaches spend about 4-6 hours a day working with teachers and providing student guidance.

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The Teacher

Our state-certified teachers build learning plans, monitor progress and attendance, teach live online classes, and hold online help sessions and office hours.

How do I get started?

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Ready to get started?

Accredited K12-powered elementary schools are available all over the country. Select your state for a list of local options.

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