Information Technology

Students can learn about all aspects of IT.

Computers are everywhere in our daily lives—and studying information technology (IT) has never been more lucrative.

It’s an industry that can be applied to others: point of sale systems in retail, data tracking in healthcare, account management in banking, and the list goes on.

For teens looking to apply their interest in technology to a career path, Stride Career Prep’s* IT field might have just what they’re looking for.

Does your child love to play video games? Nothing can beat building and playing their own. This pathway can help them level up for a career in video game design. A career in video game design can help them take the creative lead as a computer programmer, computer and information systems manager, or software developer.

Students will:

  • Learn the skills to develop video games through coding and design
  • Explore the building blocks of game design and programming
  • Understand computer programming languages and their relation to design.

Students in this pathway learn to implement computer systems and software, provide technical assistance, and manage information systems. People with expertise in these areas are in high demand in organizations of all sizes and types.

Is your child a natural problem solver with a knack for technology? A career in cybersecurity or computer networking would allow them to put those skills to use by making sure data can transfer securely, maintaining software and hardware, analyzing problems, and developing solutions. They may also learn how to handle future cyber threats and enhance security for corporations and governments. The courses in this pathway can put students on track to careers in computer network architecture, computer network engineering, programming, system administration, cybersecurity, and more.

Students will:

  • Learn the basic elements of computer networks and their function
  • Explore how computers communicate and work together in a system
  • Gain experience in diagnosing and analyzing computer issues
  • Learn to protect privacy and prevent security incidents and data breaches.

Does your child dream of designing their own websites or software? Combine that creative flair with a mind for technology as they learn to code in this pathway. With computer programming skills, students can be on track for a career in software development, web development, and more.

Students will:

  • Learn the fundamental coding languages such as JAVA, HTML3, and CSS3
  • Understand algorithms and theories behind computer systems
  • Gain experience in developing programs and applications.

Businesses are always looking for ways to make their digital presence stand out and employees who can bring their vision to life. This pathway prepares students to design and produce interactive multimedia products and services. A web and digital communication path can set them up for positions such as a web developer or graphic designer.

Students will:

  • Explore the fundamentals of web design
  • Understand the building blocks of website design and software.

Hear from an IT Pathway Student

Students in the IT Pathway, like Alejandra, can take challenging courses while learning popular coding languages. They can highlight those skills and projects on college and job applications to showcase their readiness to jump into an IT career.

What could my future look like in this career field?

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Connect with Industry Professionals

Connect with IT industry experts to see how lessons in the classroom apply to the real world.

Hear from an IT Pathway Teacher

Hear from an IT Pathway Teacher to see how lessons in the classroom apply to the real world.

Participate in eSports

Participate in eSports to experience the world of competitive video gaming.

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*The career and college prep program is offered to eligible high school students. Some schools also offer career exploration in middle school.
**Many Microsoft®️ Office certificates can be earned after completing one course. Other certificates require more classes to be better prepared, and students who participate in the program for at least two years will have further preparation for certification testing.
***Opportunities vary by school; please visit your school page or check with your school counselor.