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K12 Clubs

Welcome to the vibrant world of K12 clubs, where students connect over shared interests and unlock a universe of possibilities to take them far.

Great Adventures Start Here

Ignite your student’s curiosity with everything from STEM to creative arts, enabling students to make friends while gaining teamwork and leadership skills.

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Theater Clubs

Calling all theater enthusiasts: collaborate with fellow actors, and build confidence while bringing stories to life in a supportive environment.

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Nursing Clubs

Has your child always dreamed of working in healthcare? Here, they can embark on an exciting journey into the medical field with immersive opportunities and expert guidance. 

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Art Clubs

Students express themselves artistically while painting, drawing, sculpting, and more.

Club Offerings 

Fun Clubs for New Skills

Explore clubs catered to your student’s unique interests.

National Online Clubs

Your child can connect and explore shared activities and hobbies with students across the country in an immersive virtual environment. 

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STEM Clubs

Students explore exciting, high-growth fields like robotics, engineering, and computer science — developing skills that will serve them well in the modern world.

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K12 E-Sports League

Students compete against different schools in games like League of Legends, honing essential teamwork and communication skills as they play.

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Brick-tastic adventures await in LEGO club, where imagination soars to new heights. Students can create their own world of wonders through engaging hands-on experiences. 

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Career and College Prep

Whether your child has their heart set on college or career, we’ll guide them to a fulfilling future. K12 students get help with college applications, scholarship opportunities, and résumé building.

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Career Clubs

Through field trips, interscholastic competitions, networking events, and more, students can build a strong professional foundation and make their way forward. 

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Events Calendar

Explore our upcoming events. 

Special Events

Milestone Celebrations, Memorable Moments

Special events like prom and graduation foster a strong sense of community to K12 students. 

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