Your Child’s Progress, Your Peace of Mind

Support your child with a safe and structured learning environment.

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Stay Connected To Your Kids’ Classes

Play an active role in your child’s education at a K12-powered online school. Have a say in the curriculum, follow your child’s progress, and stay connected with teachers.

Quality Education That Fits Your Family Values

Our state-certified educators make homeschool engaging while providing comprehensive instruction that exceeds standards and prepares students for the next step, whether it’s college or career.

Choose Your Learning Adventure

Structure a day that works for your family with a combination of live classes, independent study, and interactive assignments.

Transparent, Consistency, and Flexibility

Our world-class coursework is available 24/7. With flexible learning options, consistent routines, and a safe learning environment, students can focus on their studies and meet their graduation goals.



Mom and Learning Coach

“We like that Peter has more flexibility to set his schedule and pace. There are still set class times and due dates for assignments, but there’s more space for him to fill in that time before the deadline in whatever way works best.

That could be finishing lessons early and going to the museum to learn more about the topic before the final write-up. Or going to the zoo to learn more about a new animal he learned about in science class. We can really base a lot of our week on what he’s interested in, and we love that.”

Structured Success

K12 programs provide flexibility, tailored instruction, and a supportive learning environment. The proof is in our process.

The Curriculum

K12-powered schools provide a comprehensive, state-certified curriculum with a range of engaging core classes, electives, and career prep opportunities.

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The Results

94% of K12 parents were satisfied with their students’ teachers, as compared with 81% of traditional school parents.

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Hear From K12 Families

Step into the shoes of K12 parents to learn what sets our programs apart.

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Demonty stays on track at school with a personalized approach to learning and great teachers who work with his mom.


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11th Grade


Gabriela explores career prep options and takes project-based learning courses that will help her run her own business someday.


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8th Grade


Josh’s advanced school schedule makes time for live history and science classes, science experiments, and basketball.


Online School Outperforms Traditional School


of K12 parents are satisfied with their child’s teachers, as compared to 81% of traditional school parents.


of K12 parents are satisfied with their child’s school, as compared to 86% of traditional school parents.


of parents are likely to recommend a K12-powered school to others.


Support your child’s learning journey and pave a personalized path to success.

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It Takes a Village

Connect with fellow Learning Coaches nationwide: ask questions, share resources, and celebrate every education milestone.

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Built For Every Student

Learn how students of all backgrounds and learning styles thrive at K12-powered schools.

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Fun, Friends, and Unforgettable Memories

We provide a variety of exciting opportunities for K12 students to share interests, make friends, and enjoy being kids.

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Accredited K12-powered online schools are available all over the country. Select your state for a list of local options.

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