Support Your Workforce with K12 for Business

A successful business starts with top talent. Help your organization go further with online workforce development programs from K12.   

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Why K12 for Business?

With 20+ years of online education experience, K12 is a trusted partner to businesses of all sizes. We’ll work with you to create hiring pipelines and training curricula that spark growth and prepare employees for success. 

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Create a talent pipeline 

83% of HR professionals struggle to find suitable candidates.  There’s an easier way. dentify talent gaps and find qualified candidates through K12’s career development and higher education network.

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Upskill and reskill employees 

Only 39% of employees believe their company provides the training they need, but 77% would be willing to upskill. Enjoy a boost in employee satisfaction and retention by engaging K12 for Business.

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Help managers thrive 

82% of companies struggle with technology adoption. Equip your managers with the skills they need to empower employees and lead your company into the future with K12 management workshops.  

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Build company curriculum 

61% of companies don’t have enough time to implement a learning and development program. K12 for Business handles the heavy lifting while customizing the program to your needs.

K12 Workforce Development Offerings 

Connect with top talent across fields — including tech, healthcare, and information technology — and upskill your existing workforce so employees can reach their full potential.


Empower Employees Through Tech

Fill your organization’s tech roles with K12 for Business by hiring new employees or training existing staff on the latest technologies. 


Find in-demand tech talent to fill your openings, or upskill existing employees by building a project-based digital training program in a topic like software engineering, data science, or Python.  

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Tech Elevator

Streamline your hiring process by tapping into a network of recent bootcamp grads, or sponsor a current employee to complete the Tech Elevator program. 

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MedCerts for IT

With the MedCerts stackable IT programs, your existing employees can build on their current IT skills and you can access competitive IT candidates.  

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Build Your Dream Team

If your healthcare organization is one of many struggling to find and retain staff, K12 for Business can help. 

MedCerts for Healthcare 

Fill vacancies with the MedCerts train-and-hire pipeline. MedCerts recruits and vets potential candidates for you, then trains them in industry-relevant skills while you provide supplemental, hands-on experience. 

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Build Ties With Emerging Talent

Invest in business success by connecting with tomorrow’s top talent.  


Discover future talent on Tallo, a networking platform where students showcase their skills. Browse profiles, make connections, and share opportunities at your company.

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Pathful Connect

Share your skills and experience with students through a live, virtual chat. Help them connect classroom lessons with potential careers, and promote equity of access. 

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What People Are Saying

Chuck Xenakis

Former executive director of recruiting, JPMorgan Chase & Co

“To companies looking to hire exceptionally bright and supremely motivated junior software engineers, I speak from experience when I say Tech Elevator can help.”

Shannon Joseph

Former director of workforce development, Ochsner Health System

“Our partnerships with MedCerts — as well as the American Job Center — has been tremendous. Being able to work with partners externally and internally to produce programs that will get individuals trained quickly, trained appropriately, and at little or no cost absolutely helps us with our bottom line.”

Cognizant employee


“The Galvanize Talent Solutions team has been great to work with in identifying superior talent. We appreciate the professionalism and flexibility of the team, and the quality and breadth of the talent profiles shared for our consideration.”

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Ready to Learn More?

If you’re an employer looking for a recruitment, training, or retention solution, we’d love to hear from you.