How Online Homeschool Alternatives Work

Combine the structure of online school with the convenience of homeschool.

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There’s No Place Like Homeschool

If you’re considering an online homeschool alternative, K12 provides flexibility and opportunity to help students succeed — wherever and however, they learn best.

A Robust Learning Experience For All

Figuring out how to do online schooling at home can seem like a daunting task, but K12 provides tools and resources to help students and parents adjust to virtual learning at K12-powered online schools.

Engaging Experiences

Like traditional homeschool, K12-powered schools promote flexibility, so students can learn at their own pace. You choose the location, schedule, and courses and K12 provides a personalized, robust, and engaging learning experience.

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Flexible Schedule 

In the K12 classroom, each day is unique and flexible to meet your child’s needs. With live, online teacher-led sessions and hands-on, self-directed activities, learning becomes an engaging and personalized experience for all students.

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Learning Built for Your Student

Every child has unique needs and interests. Some need extra support. Some thrive with advanced classes or want to explore subjects like music, arts, or athletics. K12 is built for all learners.

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Parents Are Learning Coaches

At K12, parents are Learning Coaches, working closely with state-certified online educators and support teams who truly care about your child.

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Time For Fun and Socialization

Students at K12-powered schools have the opportunity to spend time with classmates both virtually and in-person through field trips, school-based clubs, and other extracurriculars.

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Tuition-free and Budget-friendly Learning

The right investment goes a long way. K12 offers both tuition-free and private online school options, along with individual online courses available for purchase.

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Tuition-free online school

Like traditional public schools, tuition-free online schools are free. They’re also available in many states, follow a traditional school year schedule, meet state requirements, and are staffed by state-certified teachers.

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Private (tuition-based) online schools

This tuition-based option is available to students in every state. Some private schools are faith-based, and all provide advanced placement and honors courses.

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Fee-based online courses

Customize and supplement your child’s homeschool curriculum with online courses available for purchase. With fee-based online classes, students can catch up, get ahead, or explore new interests.

Supplies for Success

Students flourish when they have the right supplies and equipment, and a comfortable learning space. Discover how to set up your child’s school zone to ease your families’ transition into online learning.

It’s Easy to Switch to Online Homeschool

Navigate the move from a traditional public school to online homeschool with a team of supporters. The K12 community welcomes you to the world of online homeschooling with Learning Coach training, digital resources, and course materials.

Success Stories

Alisha and her family chose K12 homeschool to give her the chance to learn at her own pace, free from distractions. Learn how group assignments keep Alisha engaged.

Homeschooling FAQ

Unlike traditional homeschooling, where parents develop the curriculum and serve as their children’s primary instructors, K12 schools feature curated curricula led by certified teachers. Parents can choose from tuition-free and tuition-based online school options — both of which meet the requirements of traditional schools and give students access to the social benefits of extracurriculars and live interaction.

Socialization and community are essential to K12 online homeschooling. Throughout the year, students can participate in school outings, field trips, ceremonies, and other social events. Students can also take part in online discussions and forums for shared interests. Finally, they can join an extensive range of online and in-person extracurricular groups — some led by students, others by teachers.

How do I get started?

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