The Future is Bright with the K12 Graduation Guarantee

K12 provides everything your student needs to start their next chapter.

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A Promise You can Count On

We believe in your student’s success.

That’s why we created our Graduation Guarantee. All eligible students enrolled in K12-powered public schools graduate with a high school diploma — or we pay for their education until they do.

Cap. Gown. Graduate.

With K12, graduation day is right around the corner. We guarantee it.

The Proof is in the Stats

Over the past five years, graduation rates at K12-powered schools have risen steadily. With our accredited teachers and online learning support, personalized graduation plans, and individual counseling, your student’s diploma is well within reach.

Your Child’s Future Awaits

Every year, two million students drop out of high school. Workers without a high school diploma have the highest rate of unemployment and the lowest median weekly earnings, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Your child’s future is out there. Empower them to chase it.

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Higher salary and employment rate

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A stable career based on their interests

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Preparation for higher education

How our Graduation Guarantee Works

A high school diploma unlocks countless doors. That’s why we created our Graduation Guarantee.


The Goal is in Sight

If a student has reached the age limit at their K12-powered public school and hasn’t earned enough credits to graduate, we’ll cover the cost of their tuition at a K12-powered private school or provide another solution until they earn their diploma.


A Plan for Success

To be eligible for the Graduation Guarantee, students must be enrolled in full-time K12-powered online public school from the start of the school year until they reach the maximum age allowed by the state. Your child should meet with a guidance counselor at the beginning of the year to create a graduation plan and opt into the program.


An Exciting New Chapter

Once enrolled in a K12-powered private school of K12’s choice, students must complete at least five courses, including three career-based courses, to earn their diploma. They can complete the courses at their own pace and finish in as little as five months.

Celebrate with these recent graduates!

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Class of 2021

Persevering through a pandemic made a diploma that much sweeter for these graduates.

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Class of 2020

After graduating, you’ll be ready to write the next chapter of your future — just like the class of 2020.

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Class of 2019

Envision yourself sitting in the audience of this California Virtual Academies graduation ceremony and get excited for your own. 

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