Elementary School Homeschool Curriculum

Choose from dynamic independent and teacher-led online courses to build the education that works best for your child.

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Curriculum That Captivates

From individual courses to a full elementary school curriculum, K12 offers a flexible, well-rounded education.

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Purchase individual courses

Supplement your existing homeschool curriculum with interactive, award-winning courses across subjects and grade levels.

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Build your ideal homeschool curriculum

Want the freedom of homeschool without the hassle of lesson planning? Create a custom curriculum for your child with a combination of core subjects, world languages, music, arts, and more.

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Opt for a homeschool alternative

With K12-powered online school, enjoy the benefits of traditional school and homeschool, rolled into one. State-certified teachers lead online classes while you support your child as their Learning Coach.


A+ Courses, Carefully Crafted

As a Cognia-accredited corporation, K12 meets the highest bar of educational excellence. All courses align with state and national standards, so your student keeps pace with their grade level.


An Exciting, Immersive Education

Your child receives a treasure box of hands-on learning materials, from mineral kits and microscopes to art supplies, storybooks, and more.

A Dynamic Homeschool Experience

Treat your child to an interactive world of learning with online courses designed to challenge and inspire. Through compelling lessons in core subjects and electives, elementary students build a strong foundation for the future.

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Choose from 250+ online course options

Students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade benefit from an extensive menu of homeschooling courses. Introduce new topics, customize lesson plans, or encourage your child to explore a budding interest.

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Equip elementary students with essentials

Inquisitive minds grasp essential knowledge and skills through K12-powered lessons that captivate. Find interactive classes in math, language arts, science, history, music, art, and more.

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Accelerate learning through the power of play

Encourage your child to practice foundational skills and close knowledge gaps with the K12 Skills Arcade, a dynamic learning solution that incorporates exciting games, puzzles, stories, and more to support learning.

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Explore the world from your backyard

World language classes expand horizons and teach students to appreciate diverse cultures. Select from a variety of language courses, including Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Chinese.


Affordable Learning at Home

Pick the right pricing plan for your family. Save when you bundle or enroll multiple students.

Discover K12-Powered school 

K12-powered elementary combines the structure of traditional school with the freedom, flexibility, and care found at home. Your child engages with peers and teachers online while you cheer them on as their Learning Coach.

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Online lessons and meaningful interaction

Students learn together in teacher-led virtual classes and practice skills at their own pace. Chances to interact in small groups and complete hands-on assignments keep young learners focused and fascinated.

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Offline activities with K12-provided materials

With books and learning materials shipped to your door, students can enjoy fun, tactile learning activities away from the screen. Brain breaks are built into schedules, giving kids time to stretch, wiggle, and reset.

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Exciting clubs and extracurriculars

Empower your child to pursue their interests and make friends through K12’s online clubs, competitions, and extracurriculars. Or, meet up in person with other families from your local K12 community.   

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Dedicated teachers and staff

State-certified teachers trained in online education personalize lessons for students, guiding them through a rigorous curriculum. School staff, including counselors and administrators, also offer support as needed.

Why K12-Powered Elementary School?

Set your student up for success with a supportive online community, a top-notch curriculum, and personalized learning designed to meet their unique needs.

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Students build a strong math foundation, learning how to add and subtract larger numbers, measure quantities like distance and volume, and practice new concepts like multiplication, division, fractions, and more.

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Students learn the scientific method and how to design an experiment. They also explore earth and life sciences, chemistry, and even basic physics through concepts like force, magnetism, and simple machines.

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Students learn important lessons about the past through dynamic modules on world history, American history and government, economics and civics, and more topics ranging from the Stone Age to the Space Age.

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World languages

Students dive into exciting global languages and rich cultures through fun introductory activities centered on listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Intermediate classes are available for more advanced speakers.


See K12-Powered Learning in Action

K12 offers live online classes and assignments your child can complete at their own pace, on their own schedule, in the environment that works best for your family.

Find the Right Homeschool Option

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I’m ready to purchase a course

Buy individual courses to supplement your child’s education or build a complete homeschool curriculum.

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I’m Ready to Find a School

Accredited K12-powered schools are available throughout the U.S. Select your state for a list of local options.