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How Online Private School Works

Online private school works much like conventional school with the added convenience of a virtual platform. Students can learn from anywhere there’s an internet connection. At the same time, students enjoy a strong curriculum and consistent academic guidance to support their unique learning styles.

Students and parents at K12-powered schools have access to our Online Learning System (OLS) at any time. This uninterrupted access to lessons and resources helps bolster advanced learning initiatives for all grade levels.

How Online Learning Works

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Attend live online classes, complete assignments, watch videos, and take quizzes.

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Participate in live discussions, post on message boards, and connect with peers.

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Complete practical assignments offline to help reinforce concepts.

A Closer Look at How Online Private School Works

Get a true feel for how online learning works by watching this video. We cover the top 5 things that you need to know about online private school before enrolling.

1. What does online private school actually look like?
2. Are there teachers and live classes?
3. Is there work outside of class?
4. What is a Learning Coach?
5. How should you schedule your school day?

A Platform Built for Personalized Learning

K12 experience is designed to deliver engaging classes, support students, and keep things organized for parents. You can find school—schedules, lessons, grades—all in one spot. Students attend virtual classes, complete skills labs, access help tools, work in small groups with classmates, ask their state-certified teachers questions, and so much more in the online platform.

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Grades K-5 Online School Tour

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Grades 6-12 Online School Tour

A Day in the Life of a K12-Powered Online Student

Online learning at K12-powered schools works through a combination of live virtual classes, online and offline activities, and reliable support from teachers, parents, and students working together. This creates a balance for students to engage in their learning, discover their passions, and quickly address any challenge points.

Because K12-powered online schools are tailored to meet diverse learning needs of students in grades K–12, a day in the life of an online student is just as unique as they are. A typical school day, however, usually consists of several parts.

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Attend online classes with a teacher and peers.

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Complete interactive activities and assignments through the Online Learning System (OLS).

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Complete offline activities and assignments using K12-provided books and materials.*

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Attend “Class Connects” for instruction and support from teachers.

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Interact with teachers and classmates online or by phone.

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Participate in online or in-person extracurricular activities and clubs.**


Hear From K12 Students

Want to learn more about the daily life of an online K–12 student? Meet a variety of students and see firsthand what a typical day of online learning looks like. You’ll see what makes K12-powered online schools stand out from the rest.

K12-powered schools adhere to school accountability, and attendance policies, just as brick-and-mortar schools do, and graduates earn a high school diploma.

How does online learning work for parents?

As a parent or guardian, you have unique access to your student’s learning. Serving as their “Learning Coach,” you or another trusted adult will help provide the support your child needs to succeed. This may include recording attendance, monitoring mastery of lessons and assessments, addressing challenges as they arise, and, on occasion, reviewing student work.

As your student progresses through the various grade levels, the time commitment for the Learning Coach will change. Younger students need considerably more support from their Learning Coaches, while online middle and high school students can work more independently.

Average Time Commitment Per Day for the Learning Coach



Grades K-2



Grades 3-5



Grades 6-8



Grades 9-12

How much time will my child spend online?

All grade levels include online and offline work. Learning Coaches for younger students can expect their students to spend much of their time exploring concepts through offline activities with less screen time required. Students in grades K–2 typically spend 30–40% of their time online.

In higher grade levels, screen time increases. Those in grades 3–5 spend about 50–60% of their learning time online. In middle and high school, the majority of the school day will be spent online, although there are opportunities for offline work as well.

Are there social opportunities for online students?

At K12-powered schools, we know how important social interaction is for intellectual and social development. Students spend time together online in classes as well as during school outings, field trips, and clubs.** K12-powered online schools also offer national clubs to help students connect with peers who have similar interests.

A School Without Walls

K12-powered online schools provide the optimal balance of structure and flexibility. With a customizable online learning environment, our education experience can be tailored to your unique learner.

Students experience quality curriculum delivered in a fun, interactive, and engaging way. See your student discover their full potential with a K12-powered online school.

How do I get started?

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I’m ready to find a school.

Accredited K12 online schools are available in many U.S. states. Select your state for a list of local options.

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If you’re ready to enroll, simply create a Parent Portal account or log in to your existing account to begin the enrollment process.