High School Homeschool Curriculum

Prepare your teen for the their future, from anywhere.

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The Right Fit For Your Homeschool Needs

No matter your high schooler’s needs, K12 homeschool opportunities provides the flexibility and support they need to thrive. Parents can purchase either a single supplementary course or a full course set.

  • Stellar curriculums

    Homeschool students can engage with carefully crafted, highly interactive courses that challenge them to learn more.

  • A focus on the future

    Courses and curriculum are built to meet state and national standards while preparing teens for college and career success.

  • Provided learning materials

    Students enjoy hands-on learning experiences from home with all the supplies they need to succeed:

    • Textbooks
    • Beautifully illustrated storybooks
    • Paints and paintbrushes
    • Music CDs
    • Microscopes, rock-and-mineral kits, and more.

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Curriculum Options For All Learners

Every learner is different — and K12 is here to help your teen find their unique path to success. Students benefit from:

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  • A rich, diverse curriculum

    From physics to physical education, K12 offers hundreds of high school courses that make learning fun.

  • Standardized test prep

    Rigorous K12-powered courses teach the skills students need to ace standardized tests like the SAT and ACT.

  • World language experiences

    With courses in Spanish, French, German, Latin, Japanese, and Chinese, students can explore the world as part of their homeschool curriculum.

  • Advanced learning options

    Take your high schooler’s education to the next level with a wide selection of honors and Advanced Placement courses.

  • Engaging electives

    High school electives invite your teen to explore exciting topics, including:

    • Personal finance
    • Health science
    • Sports and entertainment marketing
    • Digital photography
    • Web design

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Discover K12-Powered Online School Programs

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Connected schooling, anywhere

Give your high schooler the chance to participate in online lessons and interactive activities in K12’s online school. Take their learning from the digital screen to the dinner table with offline activities using K12-provided books and materials.

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Engaging activities, everywhere

Live online lessons, in-person exercises, and exciting extracurriculars give your student plenty of opportunities to feel engaged in their homeschooling environment.

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State-certified curriculums, all the time

Virtual class sessions are led by state-certified teachers and tailored to every student’s unique learning style.

Pricing to Fit Any Need

High-quality online homeschooling, made more affordable. That’s the K12 promise.

The K12 Difference

With support from state-certified teachers, group activities and field trips, and materials delivered right to your doorstep, online-powered school with K12 drives success in key academic subjects and more:

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High schoolers can progress their math schools at their own pace with dynamic, interactive, self-paced lessons and expansive STEM club opportunities. Mathematics courses include foundations (remediation), algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and more—even personal finance.

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Students can explore a wide range of core science subjects, from biology and chemistry to physics and astronomy. Also available are electives and college- and career-readiness courses such as forensic science, public health, veterinary science, computer programming, and much more.

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n addition to advanced American and world history courses, students can expand their focus to encompass history-adjacent topics like anthropology, psychology, politics, and contemporary world issues that impact their lives in real-time.

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World Languages

Students hone in on their reading comprehension and grammatical skills in preparation for the SATs, ACTs, and other college entrance exams, while exploring their love of reading with a variety of literature courses.

How K12-Powered Learning Works

Every K12-powered course is taught by a state-certified teacher, tailored to your child’s unique needs, and adheres to all state testing requirements. Students learn together through group work and projects and can forge long-lasting connections through extracurriculars and social opportunities.

Meet Gabriela and John

Gabriela and John are high schoolers whose mother, Jessica, decided to enroll them in online K12-powered school so she wouldn’t need to worry about their safety while they could focus on their schoolwork.

Start Your Child’s Learning Journey

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Buy individual courses to supplement your child’s education or build a complete homeschool curriculum.

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