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Education is undergoing a dramatic shift, creating an opportunity to transform how we serve learners of all ages. Kevin P. Chavous turns to innovators across education, workforce development, and more to ask: “How can we do better?”

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JUly 3, 2024

EP. 159: How can charter schools create opportunities for students? 

In this episode, Cheryl Stahle joins Kevin to discuss how charter schools can create opportunities for students.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Episode 143

How can we best support students with ADHD?

A conversation with Dr. Sharon Saline

WIWTK Podcast image 5 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 133

How can we create a sense of belonging for all students?

A conversation with Ramon Stephens

WIWTK Podcast image 6 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 124

How can we better support students with disabilities?

A conversation with Lauren Rhim

WIWTK Podcast image 7 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 121

Are we doing enough to support linguistically diverse students?

A conversation with Dr. Robert Scott

WIWTK Podcast image 8 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 109

How can educators support multilingual students?

A conversation with Donna Neary

WIWTK Podcast image 9 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 103

How can we enhance student learning through cultural exposure?

A conversation with Megan Helberg

WIWTK Podcast image 10 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 91

How can educators shift narratives impacting Black students?

A conversation with Jon-Thomas Royston

WIWTK Podcast image 11 (name WIWTK Thumbnail 360x216 EP91 1)

Episode 80

How can schools best support students on the autism spectrum?

A conversation with Eric Garcia

WIWTK Podcast image 12 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 65

How can we raise the next generation of inspired and confident girls?

A conversation with Jes Wolfe


Episode 55

Are our schools doing enough to support autistic students?

A conversation with Dr. Connie Kasari


Episode 38

How can we empower young women to achieve their dreams?

A conversation with Dr. Sian Proctor


Episode 26

What is the state of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our schools?

A conversation with Dr. Rydell Harrison

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Episode 25

What does critical race theory mean for our students?

A conversation with Rep. Chris Mathias

WIWTK Podcast image 14 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 23

How can we support veterans transitioning into the workforce?

A conversation with Brian Niswander

WIWTK Podcast image 15 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 19

Are we doing enough to support Hispanic and Latino students?

A conversation with Thomas A. Saenz

WIWTK Podcast image 16 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 18

What can schools do to support the needs of Hispanic and Latino students?

A conversation with Amalia Chamorro

Mental Health

WIWTK Podcast image 17 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 LindaRyden)

Episode 153

How can we incorporate mindfulness into the classroom?

A conversation with Linda Ryden

WIWTK Podcast image 18 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 122

What role do parents play in promoting mental health?

A conversation with Anne Brown

WIWTK Podcast image 19 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 85

How can we support students’ emotional and mental wellness?

A conversation with Mike Veny

WIWTK Podcast image 20 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 84

How can schools support students struggling with addiction?

A conversation with Tony Hoffman

WIWTK Podcast image 21 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 58

How can we stop teen suicide?

A conversation with Dr. David Brent

WIWTK Podcast image 22 (name WIWTK Thumb Ep51 1)

Episode 51

What is our schools’ role in promoting mental health?

A conversation with Alison Malmon

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Episode 4

Are we prepared to pay the mental health bill for our nation’s students?

A conversation with Esther Wojcicki and Dr. Tammy Pawloski

Health & Safety

WIWTK Podcast image 24 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 NicoleHockley)

Episode 151

How can we prevent violence in schools?

A conversation with Nicole Hockley

WIWTK Podcast image 25 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 142

How should we talk to our kids about social media?

A conversation with Linda Charmaraman

WIWTK Podcast image 26 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 139

How does screen time impact our children?

A conversation with Dr. Kecia Ray

WIWTK Podcast image 27 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 135

How can we help students feel safe at school?

A conversation with Kristi Krings

WIWTK Podcast image 28 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 123

How can sex education keep our children safe?

A conversation with Christine Soyong Harley

WIWTK Podcast image 29 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 120

What impact does nutrition have on learning?

A conversation with Stephen Ritz

WIWTK Podcast image 30 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 102

How can we protect our students online?

A conversation with Mark Warner

WIWTK Podcast image 31 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 88

How can we keep students out of the criminal justice system?

A conversation with Tony Lowden

WIWTK Podcast image 32 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 77

How can schools bridge the nutrition gap for students?

A conversation with Curt Ellis

WIWTK Podcast image 33 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 73

How can we protect kids against cyberbullying?

A conversation with Dr. Jay Greene

WIWTK Podcast image 34 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 72

How can police best serve and protect schools?

A conversation with Dr. Justin Patchin

WIWTK Podcast image 35 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 70

How can we keep kids safe online?

A conversation with Titania Jordan

WIWTK Podcast image 36 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 63

How do schools protect their sensitive data from cyberattacks?

A conversation with Doug Levin

WIWTK Podcast image 37 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 48

What can we do to break the school-to-prison pipeline?

A conversation with Jonathan Cabrera

WIWTK Podcast image 38 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 21

How can schools and families better address bullying?

A conversation with Conway Brooks and his daughter Dorthy

WIWTK Podcast image 39 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 20

What can we do to ensure all children feel safe at school?

A conversation with Julie Hertzog

College & Career

WIWTK Podcast image 40 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 141

How can we best support the future workforce?

A conversation with Dr. Kathleen St. Louis Caliento

WIWTK Podcast image 41 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 132

Is college the right path for every student?

A conversation with Mark C. Perna

WIWTK Podcast image 42 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 127

Can job training programs better prepare our students for the future?

A conversation with Chuck Goodrich

WIWTK Podcast image 43 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 114

Could a skilled trade career be a better path for more students?

A conversation with Brian Hughes

WIWTK Podcast image 44 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 110

How can we best prepare students for college?

A conversation with Mitch Daniels

WIWTK Podcast image 45 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 67

What is the future of standardized testing for college admissions?

A conversation with David Coleman

WIWTK Podcast image 46 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 66

How can we reform education to better prepare students for the future?

A conversation with Dr. Bill Daggett

WIWTK Podcast image 47 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 64

What are the benefits of dual enrollment, and how can schools implement it?

A conversation with Douglas Rodriguez

WIWTK Podcast image 48 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 43

How can we better prepare students for college and careers?

A conversation with John Thrasher

WIWTK Podcast image 49 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 35

Can apprenticeships solve the manufacturing skills gap?

A conversation with Tony Davis

WIWTK Podcast image 50 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 31

What is the future of lifelong learning?

A conversation with Steve Lee

WIWTK Podcast image 51 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 11

How can we prepare students for the careers of the future?

A conversation with Stedman Graham and Jeff Selingo

WIWTK Podcast image 52 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 8

How can we develop the next generation of problem solvers?

A conversation with John Hunter and Jaime Casap

WIWTK Podcast image 53 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 7

How do employers value skills vs. degrees?

A conversation with Cheryl DeSantis and Marc Morial

WIWTK Podcast image 54 (name WIWTK Thumb Ep3)

Episode 3

Does the United States economy still have room for students’ dreams?

A conversation with Heather McGowan and Karl Rectanus


WIWTK Podcast image 55 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 KimberWilkerson)

Episode 156

How can we combat the shortage of special education teachers?

A conversation with Kimber Wilkerson

WIWTK Podcast image 56 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 129

Can apprenticeship programs alleviate teacher shortages?

A conversation with David Donaldson

WIWTK Podcast image 57 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 126

How can we cultivate Black teachers?

A conversation with Sharif El-Mekki

WIWTK Podcast image 58 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 113

How can we better train and support our teachers?

A conversation with Kevin Bross

WIWTK Podcast image 59 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 81

How can we better resource teachers and their students?

A conversation with Alix Guerrier

WIWTK Podcast image 60 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 59

Are we doing enough to support our teachers?

A conversation with Elisa Villanueva Beard

WIWTK Podcast image 61 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 50

Is it time to rethink teacher training and certification?

A conversation with Dave Saba

WIWTK Podcast image 62 (name WIWTK Thumb Ep2)

Episode 2

Has the pandemic changed skill requirements of our nation’s teachers?

A conversation with Dr. Rick Hess and Talia Milgrom


WIWTK Podcast image 63 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 AaronDworkin)

Episode 158

Can summer learning programs combat the summer slide?

A conversation with Aaron Dworkin

WIWTK Podcast image 64 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 SusannaLoeb)

Episode 157

How can we ensure all students have access to effective tutoring?

A conversation with Dr. Susanna Loeb

WIWTK Podcast image 65 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 130

How can we better support gifted students?

A conversation with Dr. Brian Housand

WIWTK Podcast image 66 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 128

Why is history still important and needed today?

A conversation with Jessica Lander

WIWTK Podcast image 67 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 96

Can games like Dungeons & Dragons encourage student engagement?

A conversation with Stefan McNinch

WIWTK Podcast image 68 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 74

How can innovative models get students excited about learning?

A conversation with Dr. Buddy Berry

WIWTK Podcast image 69 (name WIWTK Thumb Ep61)

Episode 61

Can games improve student outcomes?

A conversation with Dr. Barry Fishman

WIWTK Podcast image 70 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 56

Why should schools invest in arts education?

A conversation with Michael Powers

WIWTK Podcast image 71 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 46

What should schools teach about climate science?

A conversation with Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd

WIWTK Podcast image 72 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 44

Should K–12 assessment change with online and hybrid learning?

A conversation with Dr. Malbert Smith

WIWTK Podcast image 73 (name WIWTK Thumb Ep33)

Episode 33

What can we do to improve financial literacy in underserved communities?

A conversation with John Hope Bryant

WIWTK Podcast image 74 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 32

How do we improve the financial literacy of our youth?

A conversation with Tanya Van Court

WIWTK Podcast image 75 (name WIWTK Thumb Ep 24)

Episode 24

What do preschoolers need from their teachers and schools?

A conversation with Kai-lee Berke

WIWTK Podcast image 76 (name WIWTK Thumb Ep22)

Episode 22

Is early childhood education a springboard for academic success?

A conversation with Dr. Michael Troy

WIWTK Podcast image 77 (name WIWTK Thumb Ep5)

Episode 5

How can we make them more relevant?

A conversation with Chris Minnich and Dr. Saran Stewart

WIWTK Podcast image 78 (name WIWTK Thumb Ep1)

Episode 1

How do we encourage engaging learning environments?

A conversation with Sugata Mitra and Rachael Mann

Parents & Families

WIWTK Podcast image 79 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 138

What is the state of the school choice movement?

A conversation with Andrew Campanella

WIWTK Podcast image 80 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 137

Should we rethink the college admissions process?

A conversation with Melanie Heath

WIWTK Podcast image 81 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 119

How can ESAs benefit families?

A conversation with Robert Enlow

WIWTK Podcast image 82 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 118

Is homeschooling the right fit for your child?

A conversation with Onnikah Randolph

WIWTK Podcast image 83 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 117

How can parents make the right choice for their child’s education?

A conversation with Jon Deane

WIWTK Podcast image 84 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 116

How can we empower parents to find the best education for their children?

A conversation with Shree Recasner

WIWTK Podcast image 85 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 86

Why is parent autonomy over school choice important?

A conversation with Kayla Svedin

WIWTK Podcast image 86 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 75

What role should parents play in shaping K12 education?

A conversation with Robert Pondiscio

WIWTK Podcast image 87 (name WIWTK Thumbnail 360x216 EP74 1)

Episode 74

What is the role of parent choice in school quality?

A conversation with Dr. Jay Greene

WIWTK Podcast image 88 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 54

How can schools better support military families?

A conversation with Jennifer Thompson

WIWTK Podcast image 89 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 53

What impact is parent empowerment having on our schools?

A conversation with Jason Riley

WIWTK Podcast image 90 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 34

What’s next for the school choice movement?

A conversation with Dr. Howard Fuller

WIWTK Podcast image 91 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 17

How can parents be empowered to make their voices heard?

A conversation with Colleen Dippel

WIWTK Podcast image 92 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 16

How can parents advocate for better schools?

A conversation with Alisha Morgan

Education & Technology

WIWTK Podcast image 93 (name IMG 0391)

Episode 150

Should video games be used as tools for learning?

A conversation with Stanley Pierre-Louis

WIWTK Podcast image 94 (name WIWTK Thumbnail 360x216 EP89 1)

Episode 111

How can technology boost student engagement?

A conversation with Pablo Garcia

WIWTK Podcast image 95 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 108

How can social media get students excited about learning?

A conversation with Sara Day

WIWTK Podcast image 96 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 107

How can we equip kids for the world of artificial intelligence?

A conversation with Jason Hurd

WIWTK Podcast image 97 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 90

How can technology bring arts and culture to the classroom?

A conversation with Suhair Khan

WIWTK Podcast image 98 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 89

How will the metaverse reshape education?

A conversation with Rebecca Kantar

WIWTK Podcast image 99 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 28

What role does e-sports play in our schools?

A conversation with Dr. Robert Rippee


WIWTK Podcast image 100 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 KateBiberdorf)

Episode 152

How can we make science fun?

A conversation with Dr. Kate Biberdorf

WIWTK Podcast image 101 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 MelissaAlderete)

Episode 149

How can we encourage young girls to take an interest in science?

A conversation with Melissa Alderete

WIWTK Podcast image 102 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 101

How can we train and retain America’s STEM educators?

A conversation with Cindy Marten and Talia Milgrom-Elcott

WIWTK Podcast image 103 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 99

How can we encourage a love of math in students?

A conversation with Laura Overdeck

WIWTK Podcast image 104 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 83

How can we help all students love science?

A conversation with Mathew Kaplan

WIWTK Podcast image 105 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 57

How can we expose more students to careers in data science?

A conversation with Robert Clayton

WIWTK Podcast image 106 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 27

How can we get more kids interested in computer science?

A conversation with Jackie Smalls


WIWTK Podcast image 107 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 140

How can we reduce chronic absenteeism?

A conversation with Hedy Chang

WIWTK Podcast image 108 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 136

How do we support students after tragedy?

A conversation with Zoe Touray

WIWTK Podcast image 109 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 112

How can we equip kids to thrive in an ever-changing world?

A conversation with Anya Kamenetz

WIWTK Podcast image 110 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 104

How do we best support rural schools?

A conversation with Kevin Stitt

WIWTK Podcast image 111 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 98

How can we encourage students to engage in constructive political discourse?

A conversation with Manu Meel

WIWTK Podcast image 112 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 97

How can we encourage students to be civically engaged?

A conversation with Mandy Zhang

WIWTK Podcast image 113 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 82

How can we do a better job of keeping kids in school?

A conversation with Dr. Debra Duardo

WIWTK Podcast image 114 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 78

How can we prevent brain drain in communities?

A conversation with Majora Carter

WIWTK Podcast image 115 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 60

How have the last two years impacted social and emotional learning?

A conversation with Dr. Aaliyah A. Samuel

WIWTK Podcast image 116 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 45

How can we help students be more civic minded and socially conscious?

A conversation with Wes Moore

WIWTK Podcast image 117 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 41

How do wraparound services impact at-risk youth?

A conversation with Dr. Heather Clawson

WIWTK Podcast image 118 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 12

How can we build stronger school communities?

A conversation with Shantelle Wright and Andrew Hart

WIWTK Podcast image 119 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 10

What can celebrity philanthropists teach us about education?

A conversation with Jalen Rose and Ted Dintersmith

Reading & Literacy

WIWTK Podcast image 120 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 JesseByrd)

Episode 155

Why is storytelling important for children?

A conversation with Jesse Byrd

WIWTK Podcast image 121 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 AlliahAgostini)

Episode 147

Why does representation matter in children’s literature?

A conversation with Alliah Agostini

WIWTK Podcast image 122 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 GreigMetzger)

Episode 146

How can books build community?

A conversation with Greig Metzger

WIWTK_ OliverJames

Episode 145

How can learning to read change lives?

A conversation with Oliver James

WIWTK Podcast image 123 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 JelaniMemory)

Episode 144

How can books introduce kids to tough topics?

A conversation with Jelani Memory

WIWTK Podcast image 124 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 95

How can school leaders’ development influence reading outcomes and student success?

A conversation with Erica Beal

WIWTK Podcast image 125 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 94

How can comic books and visual media help kids enjoy reading?

A conversation with Ryan North

WIWTK Podcast image 126 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 93

Can poetry help inspire a love of reading in students?

A conversation with Ada Limón

WIWTK Podcast image 127 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 92

How can we close the reading gap in schools?

A conversation with David Kilpatrick

WIWTK Podcast image 128 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 79

How can we be smarter about teaching students to read?

A conversation with Dr. Maria Murray

WIWTK Podcast image 129 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 68

The controversy over books: what do parents and schools think?

A conversation with Jennifer Pippin, Deborah Caldwell-Stone and Martha Hickson

WIWTK Podcast image 130 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 52

What is the role of the library in the digital age?

A conversation with Tracie Hall

WIWTK Podcast image 131 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 42

What’s behind the push to ban books?

A conversation with Dr. Emily Knox

WIWTK Podcast image 132 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 30

How do we encourage diversity in young adult literature?

A conversation with Caroline Richmond

WIWTK Podcast image 133 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 29

How has young adult literature evolved over the years?

A conversation with Dr. James Blasingame

WIWTK Podcast image 134 (name WIWTK Thumb Ep6)

Episode 6

What does literacy education look like in a modern society?

A conversation with Earl Martin Phalen and Dr. Maryanne Wolf

Education Innovation

WIWTK Podcast image 135 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 HannaSkandera)

Episode 148

What is the role of philanthropy in education?

A conversation with Hanna Skandera

WIWTK Podcast image 136 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 125

What are the makings of America’s best schools?

A conversation with Janine Yass and Jeanne Allen

WIWTK Podcast image 137 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 100

How do we reshape education in the United States?

A conversation with David Banks

WIWTK Podcast image 138 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 76

What should the school of the future look like?

A conversation with Michael Horn

WIWTK Podcast image 139 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 69

What will the sustainable school of the future look like?

A conversation with Anisa Heming

WIWTK Podcast image 140 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 62

What’s the future of virtual learning?

A conversation with Efrain Garza

WIWTK Podcast image 141 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 87

How can project-based learning transform our public schools?

A conversation with Trish Millines Dziko

WIWTK Podcast image 142 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 49

What should the modern school district look like?

A conversation with Dr. Ann Chavez

WIWTK Podcast image 143 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 39

What can America’s schools learn from other countries?

A conversation with Pasi Sahlberg

WIWTK Podcast image 144 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 36

Is personalized learning the future of education?

A conversation with Tom Rooney

WIWTK Podcast image 145 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 13

How can we drive meaningful change in our school systems?

A conversation with Sonja Santelises and Shari Camhi

Education & Policy

WIWTK Podcast image 146 (name WIWTK K12.com PodcastPage Thumbnail 360x216 CherylStahle)

Episode 159

How can charter schools create opportunities for students? 

A conversation with Cheryl Stahle

WIWTK Podcast image 147 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 115

What is the state of public education today?

A conversation with Arne Duncan

WIWTK Podcast image 148 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 106

Are charter schools good for public education?

A conversation with Ian Rowe

WIWTK Podcast image 149 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 105

What is the role of federal policy in education?

A conversation with Bobby Scott

WIWTK Podcast image 150 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 47

Are student voices being heard by boards of education?

A conversation with Hana O’Looney, Raymond Adderly and Zachary Patterson

WIWTK Podcast image 151 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 40

What is the state of school boards today?

A conversation with Valarie Wilson

WIWTK Podcast image 152 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 37

How should schools be spending a windfall of federal aid?

A conversation with Dr. Marguerite Roza

WIWTK Podcast image 153 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 15

How can school districts support undocumented students?

A conversation with Monica Goldson

WIWTK Podcast image 154 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 14

How can we overcome partisan politics to support undocumented students?

A conversation with Senator Tom Daschle

WIWTK Podcast image 155 (name WIWTK Thumbnail)

Episode 9

How has the pandemic changed the politics of education?

A conversation with Ann Davis Duplessis and Andy Rotherham

Meet Your Host

Kevin P. Chavous is a noted education reform leader with a well-chronicled track record of empowering families with education choice. Kevin is dedicated to driving change for learners of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances. As senior advisor to the CEO, Kevin leads initiatives to expand the company’s career learning offerings and increase access to the services Stride provides across the U.S.

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