Meet the Parents

The K12 online experience is for parents who want an exceptional educational experience for their exceptional children. Meet the Learning Coach parents who switched schools and schedules to find a high-quality learning journey that works best for their families.

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Peek Inside the Parent Experience

Parents play a crucial role in the online educational journey by providing support, guidance, and supervision to ensure their child’s success in a virtual learning environment. 

As an active participant in your child’s education, you organize your family’s day, support the certified teaching staff by navigating your child to live classes, and keep your child on course during independent study time.

The K12 parent experience is collaborative, flexible, and empowering. The intuitive parent portal and mobile app help you organize your day, connect with teachers, monitor progress, and learn more about how to bring out the best in your child.

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Get Full Support 
For a Strong Start

Switching from traditional to online school can feel daunting. We provide full support for Learning Coach parents to hit their stride.

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Learn Together and Strengthen Family Bonds

Parents provide flexible structure and expectations. Children grow to develop greater autonomy and accountability.

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Chart Your Child’s Pursuits and Progress

See what, how, and when your child learns. Encourage interests, socialization, and skill-building that help your child become well-rounded.


Your Roadmap to Academic Success

As a parent, you have what it takes to guide your child to academic success. As a Learning Coach, you’ll create a daily schedule around live classes, club meetings, and extracurricular activities that works best for your family. You’ll answer questions, help your child stay focused, and celebrate wins big and small.

Smart Curriculum. Smart Kids.

A strong curriculum helps parents power through their days with confidence. With accredited coursework, state-certified online teachers, and consistently high national test scores, K12 offers a rigorous, engaging education that prepares students for college, career, and lifelong curiosity.


Designed for Endless Curiosity

Discover a comprehensive curriculum that covers all major subject areas, including STEM as well as electives like art, music, and physical education. The organized blend of live classes, online lessons, offline projects, and career prep gives you the structure you need to ensure your child receives a quality education with enough flexibility to make your days work.

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Fall in Love With Learning

Join the learning journey as you guide your student using online tools like self-study lessons, interactive textbooks, teacher-led live classes and recordings, tutor sessions, and a parent portal that sets you up for success.

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See the Light Bulb Switch On

Watch your child’s mind soak up material like a sponge and meet the challenges of state standard-based lesson plans. Personalized learning empowers them to work at a comfortable pace with a flexible curriculum that fits their schedule.

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Engage All Senses

Beyond the classroom, parents can access a vast network of extracurricular clubs, activities, and social events — locally and virtually. From trips to museums and zoos to science fairs and theater clubs, encourage a world of discovery.

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Fast-forward to the Future

Unlock career options for your high school student through Advanced Placement® courses, next-level career counseling, industry-specific training, and hands-on internships to prepare for their future.

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A+ For Organization

Our online platform makes it easy to organize your child’s classes and assignments. Log in each morning to see what time to meet and what work is due for the week. Email teachers, message other parents, check your child’s grades, or sign up for an after-school club — all from one convenient platform. See how it works:

“Best Decision I Ever Made”

Each story below highlights real parents’ perspectives and experiences with K12. While every journey is unique, all K12 parents share the same desire for their children to thrive academically.

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“High-Fives Flying All Over the House”

Meet Carrie. After her son missed 100+ days of traditional school due to medical appointments, she found a better fit.

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“She Gets to Be More Herself”

Meet Jennifer. Her daughter’s performance soars past grade-level with a self-paced rhythm and individualized learning

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“You Can’t Get These Years Back”

Meet Robert. He wants his son to receive a high-quality education beyond the textbook, while enjoying quality time with his mom.

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“A Change in Positivity Immediately”

Meet Heather and Matt. Their son thrives with renewed enthusiasm and improved grades, guided by support from two working parents.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Everyone has that one subject that takes time to click. Fortunately, your child’s personalized learning path comes with a world of support, including one-on-one tutoring sessions upon request. Below, you’ll find answers to common questions about how to best get kids up to speed.

Your Questions. Answered.

A: On the tutor’s profile, you can schedule a session by selecting an open spot on their calendar. After the tutor confirms the session, you’ll find a messaging area where you can send questions and upload materials in advance. 

You can expect an interactive, face-to-face discussion with your tutor, including time to work through lessons or problems. After the session, your tutor will provide a summary and recommend the next steps. You’ll be able to provide feedback on the tutor and session, too. 

A: After a session is booked, the tutor provides a link to an online video conferencing platform (such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangout). Students can find a comfortable, quiet spot and then meet virtually with their tutor at the scheduled time.

Have more questions about how tutoring works? Check out our FAQ page.

Have more questions about how tutoring works?

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