Success: What Students Say

Here’s what students have to say about their experience with K12-powered online schools.

Why Students Love K12

Over two million students thrive with K12-powered online education. Across the country, K12 families benefit from:

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Students have the freedom to learn wherever there’s an internet connection — at home, or on the go — they set their own pace, learn without interruption, and take as much time as needed.

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A safe place to learn without distractions, K12 students can confidently focus in the comfort of their own home.

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Daily support from state-certified teachers and tutors helps students thrive. And there’s 24/7 tech support available to troubleshoot any pesky technical issues.

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Students get to choose their own pathway with tailored education that encourages career and college prep, independence, and achievement

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K12 sends students everything they need — computer included! Students and Learning Coaches can access school schedules, lessons, and grades all in one place.

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The social part of education is super important, and that’s why K12 celebrates milestones like graduation and prom. There are plenty of opportunities to connect in person — field trips, extracurriculars, sports, movie nights, and much more!

Ready. Success. Go.

As a Cognia-accredited corporation, we uphold the highest standards of educational management — and our results speak for themselves. K12 graduates are well-prepared for the real world and go on to succeed across industries.

Elevating Every Student

K12’s research-backed curriculum engages every type of learner — empowering all students to achieve their fullest potential.


2x as many parents find K12 courses more effective than other online school options.


More than 80% of parents are satisfied with K12-powered schools and curricula.


K12’s K-5 reading curriculum improves reading scores for students in grades K-5.



74% of K12 graduates feel optimistic about their career direction, compared to 56% of their peers.

Researchers cite technology’s key role in enabling personalized learning, which drives student success and enhances educational equity.


More than 78% of K12 graduates say they’re excelling at their current job, compared to 46% of other young adults.

Future Readiness Survey
Embraced Wisdom Resource Group, LLC an external educational research group”

Hear from K12 Students

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what K12 students are saying:


“I found out about things that I could do that I didn’t know I could do.”

Gabriela reaches new heights and uncovers exciting areas of expertise with K12. In her free time, she likes to draw, paint, sing, and read.

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“I get to learn at my own pace and focus better. I don’t have any other distractions.”

A flexible schedule gives Red more time to work on his passion. He’s eager to start his own animation business and appreciates the variety of entrepreneur and business classes K12 offers.

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“I have a lot more free time, so it’s easier for me to do my experiments.”

Joshua likes that K12 is more flexible than traditional school. He has extra time to focus on subjects that matter to him, and appreciates having more quality time with his family. 

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  • Gab riela


  • Red


  • Joshua


K12 Career Prep

Career-Readiness Starts Here

Today’s students need to be career-ready. A recent survey found that K12 graduates exhibit significant career-readiness advantages compared to those who attend traditional school.

A Day in the Life

See how K12 students thrive.

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8th Grade


Sabrina excels academically with a supportive class structure and Spanish-speaking staff who helped her settle in at school.


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9th Grade


John enjoys a more focused environment with fewer distractions where he can take business courses to learn how to run an auto shop. 


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10th Grade


Stephen’s flexible private school schedule allows room for competitive swimming while rigorous courses prepare him for college.  


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