A Day in the Life: Middle School

Flexible scheduling, engaging lessons, and personal success — see how middle school students thrive with support, structure, and supplies from K12.

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Middle School With K12

See first-hand how middle school students experience live online instruction in core subjects, an interactive self-study curriculum, engaging offline materials, and hands-on electives, activities, and Career Prep opportunities, built for a variety of learning styles.

Student and Family Stories

See how K12 middle schoolers learn and grow with personalized online learning.

Where Choice Meets Opportunity

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6th Grade


Connor learns best when he can take breaks, move around, and use his fidgets to focus while finishing assignments at his own pace. 


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8th Grade


Josh’s advanced school schedule makes time for live history and science classes, science experiments, and basketball.


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8th Grade


Sabrina excels academically with a supportive class structure and Spanish-speaking staff who helped her settle in at school.


Flexible Schedules, Endless Opportunities

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7th Grade


Lily works ahead on her schoolwork and spends her free time on fun science experiments and animal club activities.


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7th Grade


Mari thrives in an online school with flexibility for medical appointments, hands-on lessons, and social activities through a military co-op.


A World of Possibilities

We believe every student deserves a fun, fulfilling educational experience tailored to their unique learning style. Explore inspiring student stories and discover the K12 difference.

A Day in the Life

Elementary School

School should be fun! At K12, children discover a genuine love of learning through an environment that encourages exciting hands-on exploration. Every activity, subject, and class is designed to spark curiosity and independent growth by combining interactive lessons, stimulating activities, and personalized instruction.

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A Day in the Life

High School

High school milestones like competitions, prom, and graduation are all included in the K12 experience. From tutoring and special education to AP courses and internships, a world of possibility greets every teen.

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