Transfer and thrive with K12

There are dozens of different reasons why students transfer schools. At K12, we’ll help you find a fulfilling next chapter for your child — no matter what their unique story may be.

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Embrace a safe learning environment

Protect your child’s emotional well-being by providing a learning environment free from bullies. K12 prioritizes mental health and has a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, so students can focus and flourish.

Set every student up for success

Don’t let health conditions hinder your child’s education. K12-powered schools offer a supportive and accommodating learning environment that caters to the unique needs of each student.

Make school more accessible

Looking for a school with more ADA compliance? K12 prioritizes accessibility, so students can excel academically and personally.

Ensure emotional well-being

Many students find the traditional school experience intimidating, discouraging, or isolating. K12’s personalized learning approach puts children at ease — encouraging them to learn at a comfortable pace while prioritizing their emotional well-being.

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Find Consistency Amid Change

Constant moving can put stress on military families. K12 helps you relocate with ease — ensuring uninterrupted learning, wherever life takes you.

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Help Your Child Go Further

Does your child feel unchallenged in their current learning environment? A K12-powered school could be the perfect solution — offering self-paced study, engaging courses, and a supportive community that sparks excitement for continued academic growth.

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Support Students With Special Needs

Some students struggle to succeed in traditional learning environments. K12-powered schools address the personalized learning needs of children diagnosed with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, Down syndrome, auditory processing disorder, and more.

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Align Education With Your Values

Choose K12-powered programs that align with your family’s values and beliefs — customizing your homeschool curriculum and taking an active role in shaping your student’s learning journey.

A day in the life of K12 students: Why they switched

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Demonty stays on track at school with a personalized approach to learning and great teachers who work with his mom.


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10th Grade


Stephen’s flexible private school schedule allows room for competitive swimming while rigorous courses prepare him for college.  


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7th Grade


Mari thrives in an online school with flexibility for medical appointments, hands-on lessons, and social activities through a military co-op.


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Ready to make the change?

Explore K12’s diverse range of offerings, including full-time online schools, blended learning models, and supplemental courses. Find the program that best suits your child’s unique learning needs today.