Success: What Parents Say

A safe and supportive online learning environment. Personalized instruction built into the curriculum. Overwhelmingly positive educational experiences. Learn why parents choose K12-powered schools.

School You Can Count On

Data shows parents’ grade-A satisfaction with K12 online learning, which puts students and their families in the driver’s seat of their educational journey. 



of K12 parents are satisfied with their kids’ teachers. Only 81% of traditional school parents feel the same.



are likely to recommend a K12-powered school over other options.



of parents are happy with their student’s experience with K12 Career Prep

Classrooms Beyond Compare

Parents describe the K12 learning difference:

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“This school has our backs. That’s big.”

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Grade K


“She’s learning faster, better, and she gets to be more of herself.”

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“I like that he gets to stay home with his mom. I know he’s safe… and they’re forming a bond that you can’t replace.”

In It For The Long Haul

Mom Tiffany chose K12 for her kids, Zoe and Julie, at the start of the pandemic. Learn why they stayed long after.

Meet Tiffany

“We switched to K12 because of COVID-19 concerns but decided to stay. I have two kids with completely different educational needs, and K12 is able to meet every single one of them.”

–Tiffany, parent of Zoe and Julie

Discover the K12 Difference

Parents of students with diverse learning styles, needs, and interests share their experiences with K12-powered online school.

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“Online school gave us our power back — power over our time and schedules. And we love how great online school has been for our teens.”

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“I was surprised how confident he became very quickly.”

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“The impact I’ve seen is academic confidence. K12 is teaching my children to learn. It makes a difference to me.”

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