Online Homeschool Costs

When exploring education options for your family, cost is an important consideration.

How much does homeschool cost?

Are there tuition-free alternative options to homeschooling?

K12-powered schools offer a personalized approach for students through a variety of education options.

Explore more to find your fit.

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K12-Powered Online Learning Programs

If your child needs an alternative to homeschooling, online learning programs powered by K12 may be a great way to take charge of their learning. When exploring homeschool costs, consider the benefits of tuition-free* online public school at home. K12-powered tuition-free online public schools serve students in grades K–12, have state-certified teachers who provide instruction and support, follow a traditional school year, and adhere to state requirements for assessments.

How much does a homeschool alternative through K12-powered tuition-based online private schools cost? Costs vary depending on the specific school and format. A tuition-based program is a great option for families looking for flexibility between full- and part-time options and multiple start dates.

How much is homeschool when you build the curriculum yourself? K12 offers families the ability to purchase individual courses to meet your child’s needs and create your own homeschool curriculum. Supplemental courses allow you to expand your curriculum and help your student catch up on a course, get ahead, or explore a topic of interest. Courses are available for students in grades PreK–12.

Is a K12-powered education right for your child?

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Personalized learning empowers students to reach their potential. State-certified instructors teach interactive, engaging curriculum.

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Consider homeschool costs and explore various education experiences powered by K12, including tuition-free* and tuition-based online learning.

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Individual courses for purchase give you the flexibility to create your own homeschool curriculum or supplement your curriculum to help your student catch up, or get ahead.

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Receive student materials and curriculum at your door when your student is enrolled in tuition-free* or tuition-based K12-powered online school.**

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Core academics meet a career-focused, college ready education. Stride Career Prep has tuition-free* and tuition-based options depending on your state.

Homeschool Costs and Supply Checklist

Supplies and materials are an important part of overall homeschool costs. This homeschool supply checklist will help you identify what your student needs to succeed with online learning. We’ll help you determine what’s necessary for each grade level.

Explore Individual Courses

Homeschool costs can vary greatly depending on how you’re sourcing the curriculum. K12 offers online and hands-on materials for purchase for families looking to build their own homeschool curriculum. Explore courses with or without state-certified teacher support.

Discover More

Learn more about how your child can thrive in a K12-powered school or program. Online resources are available to keep families well-informed and help students reach their potential.

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Benefits of Schooling at Home

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Homeschooling and Socialization

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Types of Homeschoolers

*Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school. Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided. Our enrollment consultants can help you address your technological and computer needs.
**Course materials vary by course and school. Please check with your school about offline course materials.