Online Tech Education for Your Team 

Upskill and reskill employees and transform your organizations’ tech capabilities.


Galvanize Your Team to Go Further

Galvanize helps organizations expand their tech capabilities through outcomes-driven online curriculum for adult learners. Together, we’ll upskill and reskill employees with custom solutions.

Empower Employees to Gain New Skills

77% of employees say they’re willing to upskill. But helping employees level up can be difficult. Do any of these challenges feel familiar?

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Upskill & Train Teams

61% of employees say they aren’t provided with the skills they need to grow. Sometimes in-house resources aren’t enough to take your team to the next level. With Galvanize, employees gain in-demand skills online.

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Lack of Mastery

70% of employees report they don’t have the mastery of skills needed to excel in their jobs. Fill in the gaps with a challenging, results-driven online curriculum. 

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Lack of Personalization

Catch-all training sessions can be a time suck — providing employees with irrelevant or redundant information. Use your time wisely with customized, goal-driven courses designed to fit your business needs.

Take Your Tech Teams to the Next Level

Bridge skills gaps and hire top talent with Galvanize.

Upskill Employees

Train your talent in much-needed specialty areas with online programming customized to your business goals and digital needs. Monitor progress and outcomes with our learning management system.

Encourage Coding Education

Empower employees to learn in-demand tech skills with Hack Reactor coding bootcamps. These intensive 19-38 week programs train adult learners in software development and AI tools. Part-time and full-time courses are available.

Hire Top Talent

Connect with job-ready software engineering talent at no cost to you. Our partnership team provides hands-on hiring support and introductions to top bootcamp graduates, including trained veterans.


What Business Leaders Have to Say

Charles Thibault

VP Data Analytics at IDT Corporation

“We not only learned how to program in Python, but now can access a library of ready-made, production quality code to run machine learning models. We actually practiced new techniques that we had never been exposed to before. We learned about best practices in modeling and software engineering.”

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Ready to Upskill Your Workforce?