Career Prep: How To Stay Active As An Online Student

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Physical Activity Is Important For A Student’s Overall Health And Wellbeing

By Kyan Pious, K12 Student Advisor

As an online student, you might think that you must be glued to your desk all day. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be! Today, we’re going to talk about some ways that I, and some of my friends, stay active… even though we’re virtual students.

Let’s start with me. I’m very passionate about my fitness and overall health. I find it very easy to find the willpower to go to the gym or get any kind of intentional movement in during the day. This can vary from walking, swimming, biking, hiking, or even grocery shopping. I know grocery shopping might not seem like exercise, but you must get up and walk around the store, so it is an activity. I think it’s very important to get active in some way because physical health is important. 

That’s enough about me. Now, let’s talk about one of my friends, who I will not name, but he’s a great example of someone who gets enough activity to be considered a healthy individual. I met up with him at a trampoline park, and while I was attempting flips and performing speed runs on the obstacle courses, he was jumping on trampolines and failing the obstacle courses. After we were done having fun, we had a conversation about my athletic ability. I told him about all the activities I fit into my days, and he was impressed with the level that I maintain. I told him I was proud of him, too!


Because he showed up, even though he can’t do what I can do. He still tried the obstacle courses, and I was very proud of him for that boldness and courage.

I have more stories where I am encouraging others, and others are encouraging me, to get active. I told this one specifically because I felt like this story could be the most relatable. You don’t have to go to the gym for three hours a day just to get active and to stay healthy. And, it doesn’t have to suck; it can be fun to get active!

For example, a daily walk is more than enough to keep you healthy for years to come. Walking is also great for your heart health and your mental health. I like to go for a walk any time schoolwork gets stressful, or if I just need to clear my mind. I also get a lot of my creative project ideas from walking. And, I inspired my friend to start incorporating a walk once a week into his routine, as well.

If I could have my pick, I would much rather hit the gym and practice my gymnastics skills, like handstands and muscle-ups. I also like to go for long-distance runs and lift heavy weights. Even though that’s what I like, you don’t have to go to the gym. I recommend it, but any intentional movement you can get in is enough.

And, even though I do get a lot of activity through weightlifting and runs, I still make time for a daily walk. That’s how good it is for you! It can help to clear your mind and keep your heart healthy. In addition, a good walk can be as long as you like.

I hope this inspires you to get outside, get active, and make it fun… however you see fit!

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