Is Public or Private Online School Best?
K12 Provides Both.

Over two million students attend K12-powered online schools. With both public and private options, your family has the power to choose what’s best for you.

Affordable Education. Outstanding Value.

Available in most states, K12-powered online public schools are tuition-free. Further, K12’s variety of fee-based elite private schools can be subsidized through vouchers or scholarships.


Full-Time, Funded, and Flexible

K12-powered online public schools offer the same tuition-free education as traditional schools — funded through local, state, and federal tax revenue. Students follow a regular school year calendar and spend five to six hours per day with highly engaging curricula taught by state-certified teachers. They also participate in a variety of live classes, independent study periods, and extracurricular activities.

Uniquely, online public schools benefit students and families with:

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Flexible schedules to accommodate appointments and lifestyle needs.

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Personalized pacing to spend more time on challenges and master other topics quickly. 

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Hands-on parental involvement and visibility into what children learn.

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Fewer distractions and social pressures compared to traditional classroom settings.

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Access to a wide variety of national and local clubs, contests, sports, and activities.


Seamless, Specialized, and Supportive

Sometimes states don’t offer funding for free public online schools. That’s where tuition-based online private schools come in. While each K12 private school has its own fee structure and unique offerings, all K12 private schools include state-certified teachers, flexible scheduling, a supportive community, Career and College Prep, and a quality curriculum that meets state and national standards.

In addition, K12-powered private online schools offer:

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A vibrant, international student body and affiliation with global organizations.

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Low teacher-to-student ratios, individual counseling, and early intervention.

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Advanced career prep opportunities at no additional cost for grades 6-12.

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Full-time or flexible dual enrollment options.

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Faith-based electives (available at some schools).


Choose What’s Best for You

When choosing between a public online school or a private online school, parents should consider factors such as: teacher-to-student ratio, support and counseling programs, specialized courses, academic affiliations, and overall cost. 

How does public and private education compare? Take a look.

Public SchoolsPrivate Schools
AvailabilitySelect states and regionsAll states and most regions
TuitionFree, no tuitionFees vary by school,
as low as $450/semester
FundingLocal, state, federalIndividual families and donors
Time commitmentFull-time (5-6 hours)Full or part-time/dual enroll
State-certified teachersYesYes
Teaching methodsK12-trainedK12-trained
Specialized coursesYesYes
Faith-based electivesNoYes
College prep coursesMost schools, grades 6-12All schools, grades 6-12
Local clubs, sports, activitiesYesYes


How to Pay for Public and Private Online Schools

Learn more about how each type of online school gets funded:

Public funding

Virtual public schools offer a remarkable educational experience, supported by a blend of federal, state, and local funding, just like traditional public schools. While some districts might face challenges in providing a top-notch, full-time, statewide online program, there are alternatives to explore, including online private schools.

Public and Private Online Schools image 11 (name Public funding)

Private school vouchers

Online private school is funded by individual families and donors. When it comes to funding your child’s education, don’t worry — at K12, we believe every student deserves an exceptional, accredited education, regardless of their financial circumstances. Vouchers, scholarships, and tuition assistance programs set students on the path to success.

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