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Tuition-Free Online Public School

A Strong Foundation for Learning Success Starts Here

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How Does Online Public School Work?

Like traditional public school, online public school is completely free. Unlike with traditional schooling, however, students can attend classes from the comfort of their own home — and choose a schedule that suits their lifestyle.

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Designed to support student success, K12-powered schools:

  • Offer online, full-time, and tuition-free education
  • Serve students in grades K-12
  • Employ state-certified teachers
  • Provide all educational materials
  • Follow a traditional school year schedule
  • Adhere to all state curriculum and assessment requirements
  • Award graduates a high school diploma

The Advantages of Online Public School

K12 online public schools offer students the flexibility to learn at their own pace, in their own place — while enjoying an engaging education and a fulfilling social life.

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Benefits and Challenges of Online Public School

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Student Socialization

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Virtual Public School Curriculum

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Benefits of Public School Online

Personalized learning
Let your child set their own learning pace, so they can focus on challenging topics and breeze through the topics they master quickly.

Flexible schedule
Choose a class schedule that works for your family. All you need is an internet connection for anywhere, anytime learning.

Parent or guardian involvement
Shape your child’s education and future and play a hands-on role in their success.

Supportive school community
Connect and collaborate with state-certified teachers, counselors, administrators, and fellow parents to actively guide student success.

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The K12 Commitment

Dedicated learning time
K12 school is far more flexible than traditional public school, offering students ample time and space to work on projects throughout the day. As part of their learning experience students must attend live online classes and are expected to complete their online and offline assignments in a timely manner.

Especially in earlier grades, K12 students need a dedicated Learning Coach to help them stay engaged and on track. Typically, parents or guardians serve as their child’s Learning Coach, communicating with teachers, recording attendance, and helping students along in their learning journey

Parent or guardian support
Learning Coaches are an important part of the K12 educational experience, helping students become independent learners. On average, the Learning Coach can expect to spend 3-6 hours per week supporting elementary school students, 2-4 hours per week supporting middle school students, and 1-2 hours per week supporting high school students.

The Different Kinds Of Online Public School

There are many free online learning programs designed to meet a diverse range of needs. Across the country, K12 online public schools serve students in all grade levels, with an option for every family.

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Virtual Academies

Virtual academies are available for students in dozens of states across the U.S. They may incorporate both online and in-person learning, depending on the program.

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Career Prep

K12 students in grades 6-12 can join Stride Career Prep and get an insider’s look into different post-graduate job paths.

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Insight Schools

For students that need a little more guidance and support, Insight Schools offer block scheduling, credit recovery, and remediation.

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Awards and Recognition

K12 has accumulated various awards and recognitions for meeting the highest standards of educational management.

  • Cognia-Accredited
  • Award-Winning Curricula
  • Research-Backed Curricula
  • State-Certified Teachers

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K12 online public school options are free to attend and available in most states.

K12 students should spend 5-6 hours per day learning, just like they would at a traditional school. The time commitment for Learning Coaches varies depending on the student’s grade level.

All high school graduates from K12-powered schools receive a state-issued diploma.

Involvement will vary based on your child’s grade level. Younger students need more supervision, while older students tend to spend more time learning independently.

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