Online First Grade with K12

At K12, your child’s learning journey begins early and leads to a lifetime of curiosity and success.

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How does online First Grade work?

First graders deserve a curriculum that can keep pace with their curiosity. With K12-powered online school, your child can explore new subjects and experience the joy of learning — all from the comfort of home.

An A+ curriculum

First graders expand their horizons with engaging courses taught by state-certified teachers. 
Lessons cover the following foundational subjects:

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Language Arts

A lifelong love of reading begins in Phonics 1. With a multisensory introduction to phonemes, sight words, decoding skills, and handwriting techniques, first graders begin digesting texts independently and expressing themselves in writing.

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First graders in Math 1 learn addition and subtraction facts through 10, time, shapes, and practical story problems. Your child’s blossoming love of learning stems from live virtual instruction, games, songs, and self-paced lessons.

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Junior scientists see the natural world brought to life in Science 1, exploring questions like: What is science? How do plants and animals adapt? What’s in the universe? What can sound and light teach us?

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Social Studies

Kids explore the cultures and communities in their “great big world” in Social Studies 1. By digging into the ancient civilizations of Egypt, India, Greece, and China, they explore what society and citizenship mean today.

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World Languages

Hola! Introducing Spanish K-2 — fun, early exposure to the Spanish language. Through stories, games, and activities, kids develop vocabulary related to: greetings, numbers, family, school, colors, body parts, food, animals, calendar, shapes, and hobbies.

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Art & Music

Inspired by everything from Egyptian cave paintings to Greek architecture, kids in Art 1 learn to draw, paint, and sculpt in various styles.
Spotlight on Music waltzes kids through song, dance, production, and seasonal celebrations.

A day in the life

At K12, first grade looks different for everyone. That includes Micah, a talented artist who frequents the trampoline park after class, and Klara, a vocal maestro and budding science star.

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1st Grade


Micah can focus on live classes with family support and a flexible schedule that can include nature hikes or the trampoline park.

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1st Grade


Klara’s switched to online school during the pandemic for more consistency, and her family gained more control over their time. 

Your student’s team

Your child’s success is a community effort.

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The Student

Each young learner explores a developmentally appropriate mix of online and hands-on learning activities.

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The Parent

You or another responsible adult act as your child’s Learning Coach. Learning Coaches spend about 4-6 hours a day working with teachers and providing student guidance.

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The Teacher

Our state-certified teachers build learning plans, monitor progress and attendance, teach live online classes, and hold online help sessions and office hours.

How do I get started?

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