Start Strong With Online Learning

No two children are the same—so why do so many educational journeys look alike?

K12-powered online schools break this mold by giving students the flexibility and resources they need to unlock their unique potential. Here are tips to help you get started.

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Preparing for the First Day of School With K12

Getting started doesn’t need to be complicated. Once you’ve enrolled, take the following steps to set your student up for success with K12.

  • 1. Download the K12 app.

    Get ready for the first day of school, see what lessons lie ahead, and stay updated 24/7 on your student’s learning progress.

  • 2. Join the Learning Coach Community

    Learning Coaches are crucial to student success. K12 supports students and their Learning Coaches by providing a safe, private space online for additional content, productive discussions, and helpful resources.

  • 3. Check out the Parent Portal

    Explore the Parent Portal to find real-time alerts, student progress updates, helpful resources, and more.

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Organizing Your Student’s Learning

Cultivate confidence, time management skills, and productivity. Ready to make sure your learner’s schedule is tailored to their needs? Follow these steps:

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  • 1. Select your daily classes.

    Depending on their grade level, expect your student to spend between four and seven hours per day on school, five days a week.

  • 2. Download and complete your specially designed planners.

    Access your daily and monthly planners to help stay on top of your child’s schedule. Fill them in onlineor make it a fun activity for you and your favorite student.

    At the beginning of each month, work with your child to build a schedule of weekly activities: live classes, tutoring, clubs, sports, and more. Record due dates and encourage your child to plan ahead, and encourage your child to fill out the daily planner at the start of each school day.

    Set specific daily goals. Dedicate blocks of time to studying, meals, breaks, chores, and physical and social activities. 

    Include a cut-off time for schoolwork each night, as well as a set bedtime. 

    After they wrap up, ask your child to assess their day and their plans for tomorrow.

  • 3. Dedicate space for success.

    Your child’s surroundings play a big role in how well they focus, absorb material, and enjoy learning. To set them up for success, try designating one workstation for everyday academics, and another space for more involved activities, like science labs or art projects.

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Student Success Stories

More than two million students have chosen K12-powered schools. Hear what students and parents have to say about their experience:


High School Student

“I get to learn at my own pace and focus better. I don’t have any other distractions.”



“The curriculum is great … It’s not just textbook stuff. It’s stuff you deal with every day in the real world, people you meet.”



“He has a lot of challenges, and this school lets him fly. He is doing amazing.”


Middle School Student

“I have a lot more free time, so it’s easier for me to do my experiments.”


Recommended Resources

Whether your child is already a K12-powered learner or you’re just beginning to make the switch, the right information goes a long way. Gain valuable insight and inspiration from our curated library of parent and student resources.

Sample Courses

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Elementary Courses

Engaging online lessons and a combination of online and offline activities help elementary students of all learning styles find ways to connect with the material.

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Middle School Courses

Full of photos, illustrations, animations, text, and audio, the interactive K12 middle school curriculum gives students an opportunity to explore the world in ways that might otherwise be out of reach.

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High School Courses

A combination of core courses and electives empowers high school students to pursue their passions and follows them to post-high school success, whether in college or the workforce.

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Explore Career Paths

Career and College Prep offerings help students explore career options and discover their passions, so they can enter college or the workforce with a clear path forward.

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Stay Engaged and Social

See how K12 helps connect students with clubs, field trips, social activities, and more.

How to Enroll

The path to personalized, self-paced education starts here. Enroll your child in a K12-powered online school with three simple steps:

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  • 1. Create an account on the Parent Portal.

    Here, you can access your online application, real-time alerts, and links to important information. Create account.

  • 2. Choose your school.

    Whether public or private, you have plenty of options! Start exploring K12-powered schools in your state with the Find Your School tool.

  • 3. Answer admissions questions.

    Next, you’ll need to provide basic paperwork, such as proof of residency and birth certificates. The good news: we’re always here to guide you.

You have options: For those looking to enroll after the start of the school year, see mid-year enrollment.

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I’m ready to find a school.

Accredited K12-powered online schools are available all over the U.S. Select your state for a list of local options.

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I’m ready to enroll.

Ready to dive in? Simply create a Parent Portal account (or log in to your existing account) to start the enrollment process.