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Online Sixth Grade in Nebraska

Sixth Grade for Nebraska Students

Image of a six grade student using a microscope
Sixth Grade for Nebraska Students

Start your student's middle school experience strong with a personalized online sixth grade education program. Online sixth grade students in Nebraska enjoy personalized learning with a Stride K12-powered education.

Stride K12-powered online sixth grade public school in Nebraska is a great option for families who want a bit more flexibility than a traditional public school setting can offer. It's tuition-free* and state-certified teachers provide instruction.

How does Stride K12-powered sixth grade in Nebraska work?

Stride K12-powered online sixth grade programs include a mix of time at the computer with teachers and fellow classmates as well as independent projects away from the screen and check-ins with the Learning Coach (usually a parent or another responsible adult). Schools also offer activities such as field trips and class events.**

What is the Stride K12 sixth grade curriculum like?

Stride K12-powered online sixth grade in Nebraska has the core academic courses you would expect as well as world languages, art, music, and more.

If your child needs extra support, there are programs** available to help them catch up. Or the Advanced Learning Program** is available for qualified students looking for more of a challenge.

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*Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school. Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided. Our enrollment consultants can help address your technological and computer questions and needs. **Offerings vary by school. Please check with your school for availability.