Types of Home-schoolers and Online Learners

How does a K12-powered education meet the needs of different learners?

Over 2 million students have chosen a K12-powered online education as an alternative to traditional brick-and mortar schools and homeschooling. K12-powered online schools provide students of all backgrounds and needs with a quality education that meets them where they are and helps them realize a brighter future.

Diverse Learners

K12-powered online homeschool curriculum is rooted in the principles of how K12-powered online schools offer programs and curriculum designed to accommodate a multitude of learning styles. Whether your child requires special needs homeschooling or simply performs better from a home learning environment, K12-powered schools provide an online education that fits their needs. And if your student needs help getting back on track, K12 offers additional solutions like online credit recovery courses and summer school programs.

Advanced Learners

The K12 approach ensures that advanced learners stay challenged academically. Many schools offer an Advanced Learner Program (ALP) for students in grades K–8, and high schoolers can take AP® and honors courses.* K12-powered schools are a great alternative to online homeschool for advanced students seeking to move forward at a faster pace than traditional brick-and-mortar schools are able to accommodate.

College and Career-Minded Students

Stride Career Prep is available to high schoolers looking to get a head start on their journey to higher education and beyond. Stride Career Prep enables students to gain work experience, industry exposure, and a professional network that will help them prepare them for real-life experiences. Curriculum combines core academics and career-focused electives with opportunities to earn college credits, explore career fields, prepare for certification exams, and more.**

Military Families

We understand that each PCS, TDY, and deployment can disrupt your child’s learning. For parents in the military, homeschool may seem like the only option when it comes to their child’s education. K12-powered schools offer an online education designed to provide military families the consistency of personalized learning, certified-teacher support, and a quality curriculum that can meet your lifestyle requirements.

Accidental Homeschoolers

While many families make the conscious decision to school their children at home, that’s not the case for all homeschoolers. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances make homeschooling the best option for a child. K12-powered online schooling is a great alternative for accidental homeschoolers, with a variety of tuition-free and tuition-based options to meet the needs of a variety of students.

Special Interests

Many students desire a flexible learning environment that allows them to explore interests beyond the classroom such as music, arts, and athletics. Whether you’re searching for homeschooling for athletes or school options for child actors, K12-powered online learning grants students access to a quality curriculum and certified-teacher support wherever there’s an internet connection.

Is online learning right for your student?

A K12-powered online education meets your child where they are and sparks their joy of learning. Explore the many different types of learners who thrive at K12-powered schools.

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