Why Online Education?

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When a family decides to use online education as opposed to a traditional setting, it’s for a good reason. While those reasons vary, students who thrive in the following categories have found the best success with K12:

Individualized Learning

“We choose [K12] because our school district sent all the work home for the parents to teach. And the staff is poorly equipped to handle special needs kids. K12 and TNVA have been a blessing for our family. All three of my kids love the one-on-one attention they get from teachers. And they get to work at a pace that is comfortable for them. My kids now love learning thanks to K12.” -Danyel Price

“Traditional school just wasn’t working for us any longer. I didn’t feel qualified to do standard homeschooling so I researched other possibilities. That’s when I discovered the many options, including online learning. We went with K12. It has worked out beautifully for my son’s high school career. He will graduate this year. He’s thriving. I’m thrilled. Thank you, K12.” -Jo Hoffman

“Why would I want to send my only child into an overpopulated, noisy classroom when he can have one-on-one learning at home? Sometimes he starts school at 9 AM and he keeps doing school work until 6 PM. He loves to learn and most days puts in way more hours than required. My husband, son, and I love K12!” -Natalie Polidoro

Advanced Learning

“I finished my high school career with K12 because it let me graduate in December instead of June and I started college the same semester I graduated. So, thank you K12, because now I’m almost a year ahead of everyone in my graduating class and awaiting my acceptance email from Disney for the Disney college program!!” -Heather T.

The brick-and-mortar school in Dominique’s district had bigger class sizes, and she wasn’t getting the education she needed and deserved. Dominique and her family found their solution with online education in K12’s Washington Virtual Academies where she was able to reclaim her educational freedom. She excelled in math and science courses, and found her government and politics class to be particularly “eye-opening.” She started taking high school courses in eighth grade, and says she “really cared about her grades.” She continued setting goals for herself and achieving them. Read more about Dominique’s online education experience.

Caroline and her brother weren’t able to progress as quickly as they wanted to in their previous school and needed to be challenged more. Now, Caroline is enjoying her education, and, impressively, her brother graduated high school at the age of 14 and is now attending Carnegie Mellon University. Read more about Caroline’s online education experience here.

Military Families

“We are military and love the flexibility it offers!” –Lindsey L.

“My husband is deploying this year and he travels now for flight training, and we have been able to be with him! Thank you K12 for taking our military residency and having teachers who understand our traveling, time zones, and sometimes crazy Internet connection. Thank you for giving us the chance to be a full-time family until he leaves!” -A.E. Dean

“Military transfer…we were six weeks late getting to the new base and the old school wouldn’t let us register the kids for those 6 weeks…I didn’t want them falling behind so I looked for other options. That was four years ago and we’ve been in K12 ever since…the kids love it.” -Trish S.

Performers and Athletes

Being the Valedictorian is no easy feat, and adding musician, published writer, and athlete to that list may seem like too much for one person to accomplish. Not the case for Stephen Smith, a graduate of K12’s Michigan Virtual Charter AcademyRead more about Stephen and his online education experience.

Since the age of seven, David has participated in as many as 25 competitions a year, often winning or placing in the top ten. And he’s joined the list of many who were once aspiring Olympians who have found success through online education. Read more about David’s online education experience.

As a figure skater with an entrepreneur mom, Nadia and her mother had a hard time trying to fit it all in one day. Nadia trains daily, and her mom’s schedule is dictated by clients which intensifies schedule challenges. K12’s online education has provided Nadia and her mother with an exceptional curriculum and a flexible schedule so they can flourish in the activities they love and manage their daily schedule. Read more about Nadia’s online education experience.

In addition to these categories, K12 offers programs that cater to more students and families, such as those with special needs, who are homebound, or who need to escape bullying. 

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