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What Does a K12 Education Mean for My Student?

Since 2000, K12 has been a leader in helping students unlock their full potential — at their own pace, based on their unique needs and interests. The impact? Lifelong learners who go on to pursue their passions, engage meaningfully with their peers, attend college, and build exciting careers.


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Public and private school options available to meet unique needs

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Career and College Prep available for middle and high school students

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Tuition-free K12 education

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Decades of award-winning experience transforming online education

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Discover the K12 Difference

One size does not fit all when it comes to learning. One student may thrive in a collaborative, one-on-one tutoring environment. Another may benefit from the independence that comes with attending class and completing work solo, free from distractions. We get it.

That’s why K12 programs are designed to offer a personalized approach for every student through a variety of education experiences.

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  • Personalized program options

    Discover a personalized path to success. Unlocking students’ full potential starts with quality academic assessments early in the school year. Teachers encourage a student’s strengths and support growth when they need extra attention.

  • Flexible tuition

    Explore our wide selection of tuition-free and tuition-based programs:

    Tuition-free online public school
    Tuition-based online school and courses

  • Customizable and dynamic curriculum

    Students are more successful when curriculum is adapted to meet them exactly where they are. 

    Our curriculum reflects 20 years of refinement, built from scientific research, innovative technology, and deep industry expertise. Our team of expert curriculum-builders includes:

    Curriculum specialists
    Lesson developers
    Instructional designers
    Writers and editors

    Together, we ensure all lessons cater to the right age group, cover relevant learning standards, and present information in the most compelling way.

    Kindergarten and elementary school
    Middle school and high school

  • Strong Community

    We offer multiple resources for students and families. A vibrant online school community, academic support, and extracurricular activities help students connect, stay motivated, and succeed with online learning. Families can find answers, information, and inspiration to begin their learning journey or continue it. Learn more about the K12 parent and student faqs. Watch parent and student testimonials and hear how a K12-powered school has made an impact in their education journey.

Flexible Support for Military Families

PCS, TDY, and deployment can disrupt your child’s learning. It’s not always easy for young learners, but K12 can help, providing consistency, personalized learning, community support, and an adaptable curriculum that suits your family’s lifestyle.

Hold Your Student’s Education to the Highest Standard

Every student deserves access to a supportive, high-quality learning environment. K12 schools are Cognia-accredited — so you can rest assured your student is in the best hands. Many individual K12-powered schools are additionally accredited by a variety of respected accreditation bodies.

Ways To Learn With K12

Public school

Public school is tuition-free. Most provide advanced placement and honors options, while all give students the flexibility to advance at their own pace.

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Public school

A student’s day might include an interactive math class, followed by a break for sports or to talk with a classmate about a shared hobby, then working with a parent to manage their time for upcoming assignments.

Private school

Tuition-based online private school can be a great option for students who need even more flexibility. Lower student-teacher ratios mean students receive more one-to-one instruction.

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Private school

Like their public school peers, private school students also have countless ways to explore interests and career paths. While some private schools are faith-based, all provide advanced placement and honors courses.


The K12 curriculum is designed to supplement and strengthen an existing homeschool program.

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With a variety of engaging and highly interactive courses, your child will exchange ideas during an English lesson, share findings during an interactive science demo, and learn new perspectives daily.

Live tutoring

For students who need a little extra support, K12 tutors personalize each learning session to help your child learn in a way that makes the most sense to them.

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Individual classes

Individual classes offer students flexibility to learn on the go. Add to your homeschool curriculum or help your student catch up, get ahead, or explore something they love.

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