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"The benefits of K¹² have been the flexibility in scheduling and its portability.

"Our family travels for weeks at a time. Both of our kids bring along their books, computers, and continue schooling in another state without any conflicts at all."

  — Laurie M., private school parent

Online Private Schools

More Choices with Online Private Schools and Individual Courses

Among K¹²'s range of high-quality education options are three outstanding online private schools as well as supplemental individual courses.

K¹² International Academy   |   The Keystone School

The George Washington University Online High School   |   Individual K¹² Courses

K¹² Online Private Schools: Their Common Foundation

K¹²'s three distinctive online private schools offer education programs built on a common foundation. All are fully accredited, tuition-based, and highly flexible—offering multiple start dates throughout the school year. All offer full-time enrollment for a diploma or enrollment in individual courses to provide families a variety of options. And all provide industry-leading online curriculum with support from teachers as well as academic counselors and coaches to help students reach their full potential.

Which online private school is best for your child?

After learning more about each school below, feel free to speak to one of our enrollment consultants or visit the school's website to view videos, register for an open house, download a school brochure, find out about admissions, and much more.

K¹² International Academy

K¹² International Academy │ Grades K–12

An Individualized Approach

For students around the world seeking an excellent, well-rounded education, this school provides outstanding curriculum and a high level of support. Offering an individualized education approach, the school's key benefits include:

  • An Individualized Learning Plan for each student
  • Exceptional learning experiences using K¹²'s award-winning curriculum
  • A robust support team: teachers, academic coaches, college counselors, and admissions advisors
  • College and career planning
  • A vibrant international student body
  • Full-time or individual course enrollment; year-round start dates

To learn more, visit K¹² International Academy's website.

They Keystone School

The Keystone School │ Grades 6–12

A Flexible Approach

For independent learners worldwide who seek a highly flexible education, this trusted school has 40 years of experience in distance learning. Offering families maximum flexibility for a variety of academic and scheduling needs, the key benefits of this school include:

  • Choice in a student's level of teacher interaction and curriculum structure
  • 170+ self-paced courses with teacher support when needed
  • Multiple course levels and types, including core courses, AP, credit recovery, electives, and world languages
  • Format options: print and online courses
  • Full-time and individual course enrollment; start anytime of the year

To learn more, visit The Keystone School's website.

The George Washington University Online High School, Washington, DC, Powered by K¹².

The George Washington University Online High School │ Grades 6–12

A Holistic Approach

For highly motivated students who seek an extraordinary college preparatory experience, this premier online school—in partnership with the renowned George Washington University—features the best aspects of a brick-and-mortar private school in an online setting. Offering a holistic approach to education, the school's key benefits include:

  • Small class sizes with a high level of personal attention
  • Advanced levels of K¹² curriculum with instruction from master teachers
  • Intensive and personalized college counseling
  • A unique leadership training program available in no other school
  • Learning opportunities beyond the classroom: travel and community service
  • Full-time and individual AP course enrollment; fall and spring term start dates

To learn more, visit The George Washington University Online High School's website.

Individual K¹² Courses │ Grades K–12

For students who want to achieve a competitive advantage with advanced courses, try a new language, jump start a career with an elective, retake a course, resolve a scheduling conflict, or any other need or interest, K¹²'s 300+ online courses are designed to help all kinds of learners. Featuring research-based interactive lessons, hands-on materials, and easy planning tools, the key benefits of K¹² courses include:

  • All core subjects, six world languages, and dozens of electives
  • Multiple levels, including AP, as well as a growing number of courses that intelligently adapt to students' needs
  • Optional teacher support for grades K–8 and required support for grades 9–12
  • Engaging animations, videos, learning games, and more

Learn more about the full catalog of K¹² courses.